Thursday, March 5, 2015

Things I'm loving // summer

I am SO READY for summer. At this point I would even settle for Spring. But summer is my favorite. We have a bunch of fun trips planned for this summer: I'll be in Maryland for a week visiting family and friends, Bethany Beach for a week, Cape Cod for 5 days, Maine for 4 days, and New Hampshire at the Lake for a weekend. It's jam packed and I CAN NOT WAIT. In anticipation for the warm weather, I've been doing a little shopping and wish list making. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

I just ordered 2 pairs of these shorts for Austin and I was very impressed with the style and feel of the fabric. So much nicer in person than what they looked like on line. Big thumbs up!

Still loving Keens for the kids. They are awesome for hiking because they are study and keep the whole foot safe, and they can get wet.

My favorite summer shoes for Paige are Saltwaters. They wear well, look good with everything, can be worn in the water and no blisters! I buy mine at Nordstrom because they tend to run big and I don't want to chance buying them online. I'm actually thinking of getting a pair for myself this year.

I've had this skirt for Paige the past two summers and just adore it. Boden groups sizes so most things can be worn for two years.

I am obsessed with this purse. I know I have a polka problem, but come's adorable. The price...not so much. But I can dream.

I am loving this swimsuit. I like the color and I like the gathers. Me + gathers = happy tummy. I actually have almost this same suit in red, but I think I need a new color this year.

ok, I could go on on for days...but I'll stop there.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Project Life 2015 // weeks 3-4

Project Life 2015 // weeks 3-4

Left side: design F page protector & cards are Kiwi Edition. Right side: design A page protector, cards from Sunsine & Kiwi Edition, 3x4 white cards, 4x6 white card,  and alphas are a mix of Basic Grey & Thickers. All embellishments are from the Project Life Gold Foil Value Kit.

If you are wondering what that card with all the numbers is about, I decided to do some tallying while on girls weekend. By the end of our time together, there were: 12 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of vodka, 6 shots (each), 2 broken glasses, 5 friends, in 48 hours. I actually kept a post it on the counter. The other girls thought I was crazy. But I'm happy I thought to record the details. That's what Project Life is all about.

On the right side, the 2 4x6 photos were printed by Persnickety Prints. On the left side, the 4x4 photo was also printed by Persnickety Prints. The rest were printed on my Canon Pixma.

The stamp used here is from Kellie Stamps. A recent new find (thanks to Jen & Rachel who are huge fans). I kinda love them and I find myself wanting to stamp everything.

I wanted to add a longer story for my girls weekend (right side of layout) so I used a foldable 4x6 PL card from the Sunshine Edition. I used another one of Kellie's Stamps for the top, then I journaled on the front and inside. Last, I used my Tiny Attacher to staple a twill ribbon on the top to use as a pull tab. I slide the card right behind on of my photos in a 3x4 pocket (you can see above).

For week 4, I used only a free set of cards sent to me from Stampin Up. It was super challenging to only use these cards and nothing else. I must admit they really aren't my usual choice of colors, so I had a hard time. I ended up using a bunch of 3x4 and 4x6 white PL cards to add some much needed white space. I'm still adding in my kids artwork whenever I can. 

Almost every week I have something they've made in my layouts. It is my favorite thing about Project Life. Adding in those little bits that would otherwise end up either in a box forgotten or in the recycling bin. The 4x4 photo was printed by Persnickety Prints, all the small photos were printed at home.

I often sew on my cards. I like the look and added texture and I sometimes find that my alpha stickers don't stay in place unless I stitch them. For 

I used some cork numbers from Studio Calico to make a list of 10 things I'm doing right now. Great way to add a little extra journaling and current digs into your layout.

Why did it take me so long to get a typewriter?? I'm obsessed. I can't go a week without using it.

Thats it for today.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Right now...

 Right now I am wishing I was somewhere tropical like two of my friends. I will admit that I am very jealous.

Right now I am loading myself and my kids with Thieves during the day and Eucalyptus
at night.

Right now I am in serious planning mode for the Make It Happenings Retreat.

Right now I'm watching American Idol (I still love this show), Friends (it's on Netflix and I started from the beginning and I love it even more this time and I laugh out loud and it's wonderful) and Nashville (for my love of everything a little bit country).

Right now I am eating a cupcake that I just baked for Austin's birthday tomorrow...I am still in shock that he is turning 6.

Right now I am puppy sitting for said tropical friend and I am reminded why I don't have more children and why I will never have more children.

Right now I am reading The Artful Parent, TinkerLab, and Art Lab for Kids

Right now my kids are enjoying 20 Ways to Draw a Tree & 365 Things to Draw and Paint and LOVING them. They are actually drawing more, if you can believe it.

Right now I am beyond thankful for an awesome friend who gave me a Pottery Barn kids art table. It has been a blessing in this tiny, art filled house for my kids to have a space to be messy and for me to use for my new art classes.

Right now I have been telling myself every day, numerous times, I really need to start working out and I really need to stop eating sugar. I need motivation. I'm thinking of buying myself a new bathing suit and hanging it on the fridge.

Right now I am watching snow fall outside my window and willing it to stop.

Right now I am researching for our first family camping trip this summer. We are doing it tent style at the Cape this year. I am excited for the adventure and super scared it will rain the whole week.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Life 2015 // weeks 1-2

Project Life 2015 // weeks 1-2

I feel as if this layout is my real start to 2015 since this shows a glimpse of the kits I will be using this year. For the left side, I used a design A page protector, and altered it to make 2 3x4 pockets at the top and bottom (there are more details instructions for this on my previous post).  For the right side I used a design F page protector. I didn't have a lot of photos for the first two weeks so I decided to do a single layout for each week.

My favorite basic supplies are the 3x4 white cards. I use them ALL THE TIME. If you don't have them, buy them. In the past I have used blank 4x6 index cards and still do some. But I did splurge now that I'm on the Creative Time and bought some official PL 4x6 white cards. On the page you can see I used both. I love white space and I like how it balances out all the bright colors that pop up in my photos and artwork. Cards here are from the Sunshine Edition and the Jade Edition. 

For this side I used 3x4 grid cards, Kiwi Edition and Midnight Edition. The "this week" was cut from a Kiwi card and sewn onto another card. The gold embellishments are from the Gold Foil Value Kit. All the photos for weeks 1 & 2 were printed on my Canon Pixma onto matte photo paper.

I decided to go big this year with my week numbers. I saw a few pages floating around Pinterest with these big digits and fell in love with the look. I just printed out some big numbers on white cardstock and cut them out. So simple with a big effect.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Project Life 2015 // title page

hello 2015

Project Life 2015 // title page

For my album this year, I will be using a combination of three Project Life core kits: Kiwi, Sunshine and jade. I also still have my Midnight Edition and might throw some of those cards in from time to time. For my intro page, my new kits hadn't arrived yet so I used only Midnight cards and 3x4 white cards.

The yellow script "cards" I painted myself using watercolor paper and yellow watercolor paint. I then cut out my sentiment and sewed it onto a PL card. For the embellishment pockets, I first sewed straight down the middle of the 4x6 pocket to create 2 3x4 pockets. I slipped a card into the left side and then put sequins in the right side. I then stitched above the sequins to lock them in and create a third pocket. I used wood veneer initials, one for each family member, a number sign, and a 4. I then stitched one last time to lock those in. This is my third year doing Project Life and each year I have used our family photos taken in November for our Christmas cards for my title page. I like this tradition and I hope to continue to do it in years to come.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lego Party Invitations

If you follow me on Instagram you know that my son is obsessed with Legos. He builds for hours and when he is not building, he's talking about what kits he wants next. His room has a bout 23,478 legos all over the floor at any given time. So it was no big surprise that when we started talking about his birthday party he decided he wanted a Lego Party!! I was pretty excited too because I love to plan parties. Every year I tell myself...simple Awbree. But then I get excited and do too much. But I like too and I enjoy it.

We are having a very small party. Our house is small and Austin does better with small groups. Since I only had to make a handful of invitations I decided to make them by hand. And since 80% of the time I'm thinking about Project Life, I thought it would be fun to use Project Life cards to make the invites!!

I used a 4x6 textured white PL card as the bottom layer. Then I adhered a black and white striped 3x4 card from the Midnight Edition to the left side. I typed up the party details on my computer and printed them on white card stock. I simply cut it out and adhered it onto the right side of the card. I left a blank space to fit the "6" stickers, which are from a pack of alpha stickers made by Simple Stories. Last, I printed some small Lego men in black onto white card stock. I cut them out (by hand) using THESE awesome scissors. I adhered the Lego guy right onto the striped card. I use THIS adhesive for all my PL/crafty needs. I had some left over black envelopes from a few Halloween's ago so that matched perfectly. I used a white gel pen to write the names and addresses on each envelope. I love how they turned out. It feels good to use what I had and create something I adore while spending no money! Awesome.

I'll share more party details after the party in a few weeks!