Saturday, June 26, 2010

a Lucy moment...

Ok, if you do not know my husband very well, let me fill you in a bit. I love him to death, but he tends to think he is right...all the time. I admit I do as well which is why we argue often (we are both very stubborn). But he REALLY always thinks he is right. Here is the perfect example. My husband, the self-proclaimed handy-man, attempted to "clean" our dishwasher using Drano. Yup...he just poured it right in. We have been having a funky spell escaping from it and I have been nagging him to fix it. So this was his solution. Needless to say it did not work out like he thought it would. You can see the outcome for yourself. It was a very I Love Lucy moment....


  1. PS- I just showed Josh the picture...he says "I'll tell you one thing, I wouldn't be running Drano through the dishwasher WITH dishes!" A bit toxic, right? :) He also said, "Smelly dishwasher...just another reason to be friends!"

  2. Looks to me like it did the job. I guess Jay's right again!

  3. OK, OK!! I DID NOT run the dishwasher WITH Drano. I ran a "rinse only" cycle to drain out the Drano and I intended to THEN run an actual wash. BUT, as you can see the Drano wanted to play dirty. Crazy stuff refused to just go away. Suds were spilling out of the dishwasher . . . So out came the wet/dry vac to get it all out. I have since run several rinse cycles and a wash and it works beautifully!!!

    OH, and the smell is GONE - thank you very much.

    And thanks Jeff - I knew you would have my back.