Sunday, June 27, 2010

summer bucket list

Another grand idea that I stole from my wonderful friend Heather. She is always coming up with fantastic ways to break the boredom and mundane tasks of a SAHM. She inspires me to be more inventive with everyday life and to generally just be a more "in the moment" mom. And yes, this is the same Heather that got me hooked on cloth diapers, the one that insisted how easy it was to make cloth wipes (it was!) and the one who was pushing me to finally get this blog up and running. You see....I had been wanting to do it ever since I saw Julie and Julia (real original right?) but I was stuck on needing a catchy name. I finally thought of this one while walking around the 'hood with Austin. It just hit me! So there I was a few nights ago copying another one of Heather's superb ideas. The bucket list. I have decided to make one for each season. I am going into it with an open mind and I realise that we may not get everything accomplished. But I am willing to try. I feel as if time is flying by! And although we, as a family, try to travel and show Austin new and exciting experiences, sooner or later the season is over leaving us with a bunch of "we wish we would have"s. I have my list posted on the pantry door and am faced with it every morning. It is a gentle reminder that I don't NEED to do that load of laundry, I don't NEED to vacuum for the third time this week, and I certainly don't NEED to watch any more re-runs of Law and Order (which Jay and I are both addicted to). Hopefully this little list will push us to get up and out. To enjoy what Annapolis and our surrounding areas have to offer. When reading my list, please ignore any incorrect spellings. I am a horrible speller. It is just one of the many things I am working on :)


  1. Love the list, Awbree--and I am oh-so proud of you for getting this blog up and running. Have fun with it! And enjoy your vacation!!

  2. I'm copying some of yours... and putting them on my list!!!! Fantastic! Particularly love the first one :) Although I won't be purposely copying that one this summer!
    PS- i'm a Reading Specialist...little known fact: spelling & IQ have no no worries on the poor spelling (which by the way, i haven't seen any!) :)