Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby signs....finally!

I began trying to teach Austin a few simple baby signs (sign language for babies) when he was around six months old. I only concentrated on three: more, eat, and all done. I thought that I would start with these, see how fast he picked them up and then I would add in a few more. Well....Austin is now 16 months old and has JUST started using them. He did "eat" a few days ago and is now obsessed with it. Actually, he is walking around the kitchen doing it as I write this....smacking his lips and putting his fingers to his mouth. He is so proud of himself. I have to admit it is pretty cute. And I thought, FINALLY!!!! It only took him a year. This morning I was feeling quite lazy and was attempting to lay down in Austin's room to get a few extra moments of rest before embarking on the circus of my day. Austin decided this would be the perfect opportunity to read "How Do Dinosaurs Go To Sleep?". After I read it once, he put his two chubby little hands together to sign "more". That woke me up! I was thrilled! Austin now knows two signs! You may be thinking, whoop de do....two whole signs. But this is a big deal. I have done these signs relentlessly for almost an entire year, every time I feed the kid. I know many parents who did signs with their children and most were eager to learn them and began doing the signs around 12 months. Austin unfortunately inherited my stubbornness so it just took him a bit longer. I am very glad that I stuck with it. Hopefully it will make meals times a bit less frustrating and cut down on the grunting and screaming. Then again, who am I kidding...we haven't even hit the "terrible two's" yet. At least it's a start, right?

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