Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is that Mary?

We just returned from our wonderful vacation to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Boston. We had a fabulous time. We went to the beach, saw some sea life, collected shells, saw all the lighthouses, ate clams, shrimp, scallops, and lobster (yummy), saw the Red Sox play, watched the fireworks and swam in a public fountain (more on this to come) and we even saw someone we "knew". We were sitting at A Pie in the Sky, a little restaurant that you would probably miss if you weren't guided by your nose. Under a bright blue roof in a small town called Woods Hole on Cape Cod, there lies a place where you can have a fresh from the oven chocolate croissant and an organic raspberry smoothie for breakfast or hot clam chowder that tastes like pure butter along with warm crusty bread for lunch. We were such fatties on this trip we did both! During this second trip for some chowder, the place was packed. We were attempting to grab a table and sit outside to do a little people watching before leaving the Cape. I found a table but there were no chairs. As I was asking to steal a few chairs from the surrounding tables, a nice women brings over two chairs, one for me and one for Austin. As this kind stranger is talking to me about how cute Austin is....uh, duh....I am staring at her like she has five heads because I feel like I know her from somewhere. She must have thought I was so rude for looking at her in the way that I was, but I was so sure she looked familiar. We get our chairs, say our thank yous and dig into our lunch. As Jay is talking to me about Lord knows what....it hits me! I yell out, "Oh my God! It's Mary!" Jay is now staring at me like I have five heads. I tell him the story and quietly tell him to sneak a look behind him at the lady sitting at the green table with the baseball hat and glasses. He thinks I am making this up...that this lady is really Mary. But after much discussion and then a quiet but nice confirmation from her sweet friend....we discover it to be true. It was Mary. And Mary Who you ask....well for those of you who watch Ellen....it was that Mary. Her Mary. Mary Connelly. Her producer. The one with the black glasses who is always saying, "Sure Ellen". The one by the teleprompter who stands beside the camera man. The one who grew up in Massachusetts but now lives in California. The one who is married to a lovely brunette who happens to be a Red Sox fan. And the one who has a daughter that was the object of Austin's affection during that lunch. So needless to say we felt pretty cool after this encounter with someone "famous". Maybe she can get us tickets to the show?

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