Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lucky and in LOVE!

To add more to my thoughts from yesterday about friendships, Austin is quite a lucky guy himself. All those wonderful mamas I talked about in my previous post....well, they all have kids that my little guy gets to play with. One friend in particular, Ashley has a daughter the same age as Austin. They were born 7 days apart. I met Ash at Pottery Barn Kids storytime when we were both pregnant and nannying. Our mutual friend, Beth, introduced us and we've been buds every since. It was so nice going through our pregnancies together and watching our babies grow up together. Having someone to complain to about Austin secretly throws toys down the vents or laugh with about how Hannah will scream at you to put up the window shades has been invaluable. When she comes over, we lay on the couch together and just sit back and watch as our toddlers "talk" to each other and run around like crazed animals...throwing toys, climbing on chairs, and tormenting the dogs. This week I was fortunate to have had two days to spend with Ash and Hannah and I love them both more and more as time goes on. Austin and Hannah are best buddies. They are so cute together...they hug and kiss and hold hands. Sure there is a good amount of fighting over toys, but they have fun together and that's the main thing. On Monday they found themselves intrigued by the squeaking dog toy and today they, along with two hot ( was 95 degrees out today) mamas, lazily lounged in the baby pool all day. That's right, all four of us. So, here's to Austin's blue-eyed girlfriend....he sure is lucky and in love!

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