Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainy day fun!

I had my neighbor and good friend's two boys this morning, Owen and Cameron. It STORMED all morning. I'm not talking about just some rain, I'm talking thunder, lightning, black sky, down-pouring outside. We were couped up inside and although the boys are good and fine with running around and screaming, I thought we should do something interesting. I broke out the mixing bowl and cookie cutters and we made playdough. The kids loved it! Austin tried to eat a bit, but since it's all natural I didn't bother to yell at him. He realized soon enough that something made primarily of salt does not taste great. We made snakes, pancakes, cookies, and more. All in all it was a good first playdough experience.

But then the sun came out! And the thought of all those lovely puddles just waiting to be jumped in was too tempting to pass outside we all went.

As you can see, Owen and Cameron decided to not only jump in the puddles...but lay right down in them. Don't worry, I was standing in the middle of the street watching for cars. Austin was throwing rocks down the hill as he was very unimpressed with the muddy puddle. As soon as his feet touched the water, he climbed right back out. Oh least Jordan's kids enjoyed the outing.

Hope you had a wonderful rainy day!


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