Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craft time with Mamma

So I have been trying to do more craft time with Austin. He has been getting bored now that the cold weather has finally hit and we have to stay inside for longer periods of time. And since I am so crafty...wink, wink...I thought it is only fair to try and pass some of that marvelous talent onto my adorable son. Also, he is driving me absolutely bananas and I need things to do that take up time. Sidebar...the other day I looked over into the dining area and Austin was standing on top of the table literally hanging onto the chandelier. SOOOOOO......we decided to make some paper mache. I wanted to use one of our many empty milk cartons, so I decided to try to make a little "gingerbread" house. To start I pushed the spout into the carton to make the top smooth. Then I rinsed it out good with a little soap. Next we cut up strips of newspaper (Austin liked this part). I set the carton on a baking sheet. I mixed a whole bottle of Elmer's glue with some water (I just eyeballed it) to make the paste. We then dipped each strip into the glue and layered it on until the carton was covered. I think I did about three layers in all. After I wiped all the excess glue off, I placed the carton on a baking rack on the baking sheet so the glue could drip off while it dried. It took overnight to dry completely. I saved the paste by covering it with saran wrap to use for the following day. The next day we tore some scraps of brown construction paper and layered that on top of the newspaper so the carton would look like gingerbread. I assume you could do this step the same day as the newspaper but I was at first going to paint it then changed my mind which is why we did it the next day. We did this in the morning so by the time Austin woke up from his nap that day we were finally ready to decorate! Austin painted all over the house and even added a few hand prints. Next he put some buttons on the house. After the house was completely dry, I used a black sharpie to drawn in the door, windows and a few shingles. Now we having it sitting on our shelf along with some little Christmas trees and some snowmen. I think it makes the perfect addition to our collection of Christmas decorations. What do you have in your recycling bin waiting to be turned into paper mache? Try's fun!


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