Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keri's wedding in MA

Another one of us is married off...that leaves just four lovely ladies in our group now that have yet to tie the knot. I am so blessed to have a group of college friends who are my best friends. We stay in touch across the country through email chains and group texts. We are the first to know if one of us is engaged, pregnant or has any other big news to share. After living with one another for four years, there is little that we don't know about each other. Our husbands try very hard to understand our unique relationship, but they just don't quite get it. The way we lay in bed together, stroking each other's hair while we watch endless episodes of Sex in the City. The way even though we are spread out in five states, we always find a way to make it to every reunion and every wedding. We have been lucky to have at least one wedding a year for the past five years, ours being the first. There are no upcoming nuptials on the calender so who knows who will be next. I will be sad if I have to go a year without seeing all my girls, but with my scrapbooks near by and my phone in hand, I can have them with me anytime I like. Lucky me! Here's to my fabulous group of friends...I love you all very much. Keri, thank you for bringing us all together this fall. It was just what I needed.


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