Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas craft time...

Christmas crafts are in full swing at our house. Austin and I made salt dough ornaments last week. He mixed the dough (2 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup water), cut out all the shapes himself, and then painted them after I baked them during nap time. If you are interested in making dough ornaments, they must bake for a long time. I do 2 hours at 200 degrees and then 300 degrees after that until they are hard, normally another 1-2 hours depending on dough thickness. I also put them on parchment paper so they do not burn or stick. Austin loved it! He basically just shoved his hand in the paint and then rubbed his hands on the ornaments. Oh, and don't forget to poke holes in the shapes before you bake them. I actually forgot this step, silly me. But a pencil works best. I plan to write the date and his name on the back and use them as gift tags for our gifts this year. We also made reindeer food for all the kids in our neighborhood playgroup. It is super easy! You simply mix oatmeal (dry, old fashioned oats) with any colored sugar or other cookie decorations. Some recipes call for glitter, but if you plan to throw the food outside, the glitter harms the birds who eat it, so edible is better. We attached a little poem I found online and delivered them around the neighborhood. Maybe you can try one or both of these easy crafts with your children. Happy crafting!


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