Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a visit with grandma

We made the trek down to Salisbury last weekend to visit my mom. Austin loves it there because he gets undivided attention the entire time. I love it there because it's often like a mini vacation for me. My mom entertains Austin, makes dinner and cleans up, and we go to church together on Sunday and Austin basically jumps out of my arms to go play in the nursery he loves it so much. All in all it's not a bad deal. I just hate that we can't go more often. There always seems to be something on the calender. Hopefully after the holidays things will slow down and allow us more time to visit. Another bonus to visiting my mom....Goodwill. The Goodwill in Salisbury is fantastic. I know some of you are probably thinking I am crazy for admitting that I actually shop there, but if you saw some of the things I find there you would want to go too! On my last trip I found a brand new pair of Gap maternity jeans with tags for $3.50, a scrapbooking kit filled with paper for $5, and a Gap hot pink puffy vest for $2. You can't beat it! This trip I scored big with a retro wooden kitchen for $8 which Austin played with for literally 48 hours straight. It is at my Mom's still but I am trying to figure out a way to make room for it (maybe sell my other one that I made....not sure). I look forward to going there every visit, and the most amazing part is I don't have to rush. I get to go ALONE!!! This is unheard of. I relish in the time wandering around the aisles looking for buried treasure. Don't be ashamed to hit up your local Goodwill or other thrift stores. I live by them. Last week I picked up a childrens table with two chairs for $15 and a Ketler tricycle for $30 at Return to Oz, a thrift store here in Annapolis. Thanks Grandma for a wonderful weekend! We love you!


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