Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Print Making 101

Ok guys. So Austin and I have been getting bored with the same old paint brushes and markers we use on a daily basis. I found a book on making prints that I received as a birthday gift when I was younger (so sad the things I save...). It inspired me to look around the house for things we could use to make prints. We have been having a blast painting and print-making! Daddy even joined us this weekend and did a bit of crafting of his own. I have included a list of some items you can use to make your own prints. The kids will love it and it keeps them busy for hours! Maybe you can make some one-of-a-kind valentines like we did....actually Austin made 30. He has been a very busy boy. Pictures of some of our prints soon to come!!!

Print-making items:
dry pasta
bubble wrap
toilet paper rolls
plastic lids (laundry detergent lids, peanut butter lids, etc)
toy car or truck for making tire tracks
gold fish
yarn or string
pencil eraser (small dots)
alphabet blocks
cookie cutters
and pretty much anything else you can find!

Happy crafting!

PS. We use all Crayola washable paints. I like the box set of 12 colors, which are similar to acrylic paints. They wash off easily but cover well. We also use the bright finger paints which have stronger, solid colors as opposed to regular finger paints.

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