Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Fun!

Austin and I had a blast this month making lots of Valentine crafts. We did print making on Austin's valentines for his friends and family. We made a tissue paper heart for Daddy. We made a cut out tissue paper heart collage. The tissue paper used for both of these crafts was recycled from Victoria's Secret. We also made a giant heart with hand prints and heart stamps that Daddy took to his office (Mommy forgot to snap a picture of this particular masterpiece). And we had to make heart cookies. We sprinkled the cookies with cinnamon and sugar which was easy for Austin to do solo and a bit healthier than slathering on icing. Austin LOVED making the cookies! He cut out all the hearts by himself and put them on the cookie sheets. He is just getting too big! We had our annual neighborhood Valentines party where Austin was able to share his creative Valentines. Everyone loved them after we attached a pencil to each one so they looked like magic wands. We hope you all had just as much fun celebrating Valentines Day in your home.


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  1. Thank you for the valentine! Austin is so lucky to have such a crafty mom!