Monday, March 7, 2011

New layouts are up!

I finally put all my recent layouts on so those of you who have been asking, here they are. I am caught up with Austin's photos through October now. Yippee!!! My goal is to be completely up to date with Austin's books before Paige arrives. How am I ever going to handle scrapbooking for two children? I have to work really hard to find and make time to get Austin's pages done. Hopefully after the CK Convention this July I will be motivated with lots of new products and lots of pink. The two pages with multiple faces are my Christmas card layouts. I started this tradition last year and I really like the outcome. I use all the pictures from our Christmas cards to create a two page layout of family and friends. I counted how many pages I have done since Austin's birth....136 pages!!!! That is just of Austin, for his books. That is totally crazy. I have to say I feel pretty good about how much I have accomplished. I am so proud of myself for putting together two gigantic books of layouts all about our everyday life. It makes it all worth it when I see Austin pull out his scrapbook and look at all his pictures. He loves to point to all our friends and family and tell me what he sees in each layout. Thanks little guy for making mommy's hobby and passion all worth it.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Love it! All of them :) Beautiful shower pics too :). Can't wait to meet baby Paige. xo