Monday, April 11, 2011

Belly pics take 2!

So as most of you know Jay has started a photography business, a small one, on the side. This all began when I was pregnant with Austin and he shot a bunch of fantastic belly shots. He really enjoyed it, more than we both thought he would, and it kind of snowballed from there. This past year he has shot photos for engagements, family portraits, pregnancies, and is even doing three weddings this summer. I am so proud of him for finding a hobby that he is so passionate about, and that he happens to be so great at! I know he will only get better with time and practice and and very excited to see what projects will be in his future. That all said, my darling husband took some fantastic shots of my belly this time around too. We sure waited until the last minute! It's a good thing Paige decided to stay inside until the very end. We went downtown and found a few beautiful brick walls of a museum that had an awesome grassy area in front. It was perfect as Austin was able to run around and avoid us trying to get him to participate. We did get a few pictures with him, but he was mostly very uninterested. We then walked over to the Naval Academy and saw this gorgeous daffodil patch. Lastly, we did a bunch of shots at home once Austin was napping. We were able to set up the tripod and get Jay in a few of the photos too. All in all I think the pictures were a great success! Thanks to my wonderful husband for being so patient with me and my ever-expanding belly. I know we will treasure these pictures for years to come and am so truly grateful that we have them. Enjoy!


PS. To see more of Jay's fabulous pictures, please visit his website:


  1. Pregnancy looks so great on you! Amazing pictures, the one of Austin and you/ Paige makes me (almost) want another one right now! Truly precious memories :)