Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Easter!

Austin and I have decorated the house for Easter! We have our egg tree up, some cute wooden bunny figurines out on display, and Austin made some gorgeous paper eggs that I turned into a garland. We also did some potato prints, which I have been wanting to try for years. The tree I made just by cutting a few branches off our dogwood tree and putting them in a vase. The eggs were all given to me by my grandmother who worked at an ornament store for years and hoarded tons of holiday decorations from all over the country. The large eggs are actual eggs that have been blown and painted. The small ones are wooden and then there are a few glass rabbits too. Although I did not make any of these eggs, I have made egg ornaments before and it can be done. If you are up to the task, here is what you do: poke a hole on both the top and bottom of each egg, gently blow out the yolks (these can be saved and used for cooking), paint or decorate the eggs as desired, and lastly glue ribbon on the eggs to cover the holes remembering to attach extra on the top to hang on the tree. For the paper egg garland, I cut out eggs from white paper. I then cut out yellow circles from recycled tissue paper which Austin glued on the eggs. Austin painted the eggs using water colors which he enjoyed a little too much. To finish I just punched some holes and strung them on ribbon. The potato prints were super fun and way easier than I thought. I cut 2 potatoes in half and cut out designs using a small knife. Then I brushed paint on each potato stamp and gently pressed them onto the onesies and T-shirt (I made one for Maci, a super small one for Paige and a tee for Austin). I also printed some on a tea towel to hang in the kitchen. I love how the eggs came out and am looking forward to trying out potato stamps for other designs too. For the next attempt though I plan to get some corn holders to stick on the top of the stamps so Austin can grasp them and stamp too. I am happy with the outcome of our Easter decorations. I had a few other crafts I wanted to try out but truth be told have been either feeling way too tired to attempt or have been too busy preparing the house for Paige's arrival. This will have to do for now.


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