Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Maci girl

I absolutely love my job. It can be challenging at times, especially with a newborn in the house. I sometimes loose my cool and have to to count to ten. I sometimes find myself wishing I could just go outside for a walk, by myself. Or better yet, actually go to the bathroom without someone knocking on the door or having to rush out because someone is crying. But I wouldn't change my job. I love staying home with Austin and Paige and I feel blessed everyday that I am able to. Maci is my little friend that comes to play four days a week. Her mom works with Jay so it is an amazing situation, having her know both of us and trust us with her beloved daughter. Maci is the BEST baby. She is 7 months old and she just gets cuter by the minute. With those gorgeous blue eyes, luscious long lashes, and chubby cheeks, she will capture your heart in a minute! Now that the weather is so nice we have been going outside whenever we have the chance. And between three napping children, bottles, and nursing, it is hard to get out of the house. But I manage to do it, at least twice a day. With Paige strapped to my chest in one of my many baby carriers and the other two munchkins in the double stroller, we set out to see our neighborhood friends. We often end up at the playground, but sometimes we just go for a stroll. Maci has been ripping her sunhat off at every possible moment so last night I decided to sew some ribbons on to tie it down. It turned out cuter than I imagined! I then made her a pink and green paci holder to match. How adorable is this girl??? Thanks Jen for sharing your sweet Maci with me! I just love her to pieces!


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