Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring crafts.....better late than never.

Austin and I had a few spare moments while the babies were napping yesterday to make some coffee filter butterflies and flowers. It was super simple and so fun! For the butterflies, I flattened the filters then let him paint them with water colors. Then I folded them like an accordion and clipped on the clothespins. Last I drew on little eyes and a mouth with a sharpie and slipped a folded paper strip to act as the antenna. We decided to hang them up on the mirror that seems to be my go to for holiday decor. For the flowers, again I flattened each filter. Then we colored then with crayons, using the crayon on its side for maximum coverage. Then I cut some tissue paper into strips and tucked it inside the filter while crunching the filter into a flower shape. I attached each flower to a popsicle stick with a bit of white ribbon. Austin loved playing with the butterflies and this morning I caught him taking the flowers out of the jar and "smelling" them saying, "Ohhhh, pretty!". Silly boy. I even managed to snap a quick picture of what the kitchen looks like during craft time. Austin seems to enjoy dumping everything out of the box while exploring all the craft supplies. More crafting to come soon!


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