Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've been busy....

I've been busy with showers!!! I had 4 orders last month for baby showers and another this month that I am working on now. I also have two friends in the neighborhood who will be soon welcoming new little ones into their homes so I am thinking up some cute designs for them. Here are just a few of the designs I've been working on.

I also had the pleasure of attending my friend Emily's bridal shower a few weeks ago. I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding in July. Since she has been my dearest friend for 17 years (that's crazy, right?) I wanted to make her something truly special and memorable. I decided on garters. I made her two, one to throw and one to keep. Here they are if you want to take a peak. I was quite pleased with the outcome since it was my first try.

Happy sewing everyone. Please keep me in mind for baby gifts! I know there are lots of preggo mommies out there that would love some delish designs from Tiny Turtles.


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