Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer craft time is in full swing!

Summer craft time is in full swing in our house. With three kids to entertain I need to stay on my toes and with the summer heat beating down it is hard to stay busy inside. Austin has been loving to paint recently. He more so just enjoys playing with the paint instead of actually using it for it's intended purpose. As you can see from the above photo, Austin likes to dump the paint into the little containers and basically just make a nice, big mess for Mommy to clean up.....as if I don't already have enough to do. Oh well, he has fun.

We have been making lots of hand print art and I am going to continue to try new and different animals until we have one for each letter of the alphabet. I then hope to combine them into a book of some sort. We will see. For now we are experimenting with sea creatures.

We also have been trying out new ways to reuse our toilet paper rolls. We made this caterpillar. I think he is pretty cute. We also made hanging rockets for 4th of July (these will be shown on a later post) and a necklace out of cut up paper rolls (also on a later post).

Maci got in on all this painting action. This was her first time finger painting and I think it's safe to say she enjoyed herself. I particularly liked the part when she smeared the blue paint through her hair, across her eye, over her ear, and into her mouth. That's pretty talented Maci girl!

Austin painting a bird house.
We made a "sail" boat out of Maci's diaper box, some brown paper, a wooden pole, and a cloth napkin. The sail looks a bit sad though, so maybe a new technique is needed for our next try. Austin played with it about two weeks before he lost interest. I am now using the boat to hold books waiting for the upcoming Wee-Sale.

Hope you all are getting some nice summer crafts going on in your home too! More ideas to come!


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