Saturday, September 22, 2012

remember me?

Get ready for it ready?......I'M BACK!!!!!!! Wow, I can't believe it's been almost two years since I last blogged! Holy cow I missed this little space of mine. You see....this is the story. I had this trusty little laptop that I'd had since my freshman year of college. Yeah, I know. That alone is both shocking and sad. But I loved that thing. It got me through my all-nighters, my massive sorority photo dumps, my wedding planning, and my first two years of parenting (and taking a picture of literally every single thing my son did, EVERY SINGLE THING). And then one day.....crash. It was pretty heartbreaking. My wonderful husband surprised me with an iPad as my push present when I was pregnant with baby number two. I loved it at first for it's portability and easy access. But then I got bored. I hated typing on it. I couldn't blog. I then I discovered that I had limited access to my new found love, Pinterest. That was it. I was officially DONE with the iPad. So it basically became a $500 toy for Austin. I know...pathetic. Fast forward 2 years......Jay bought a new laptop with some of his photography earnings and I was lucky enough to get the old Mac. Yup. I'm so loved. So that's it. The amazingly awesome story of why I was MIA for so long. But now I'm back!!!! And I am so super EXCITED!!!!! I have tons of new layouts to share, many new Tiny Turtles Projects, and lots of fun crafts to inspire you to create too! So bookmark me and get ready for all that I have in store for you. I hope you enjoy!


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