Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Crafts

I am soooooo ready for fall!!!! I want to wear jeans and sweaters, sip hot tea, and pick pumpkins. Even though it's still hot here, too hot for late September, we are in total fall mode. Austin and I have been talking about apples, pumpkins, and leaves FALLing. He loves "project time" just as much as I do! To give a bit more detail here are the materials and steps:

1. pumpkin - Cut a large pumpkin from orange paper. Cover with glue. Cut circles and strips from orange tissue paper and let your little one have at it. Cut a stem from cardboard, attach. Cut a few leaves from scrap paper, attach.

2. apple tree - Cut strips from brown paper and let your child attach them to make a tree. Cut leaves from scraps of green paper, attach with glue. Cut small circles from red tissue paper, attach. I had some pumpkin stickers that Austin found and he wanted to add a pumpkin patch so we did. 

3. pumpkin patch - Cut a curvy wide strip of green paper for the ground, attach. Cut circles, both smooth and bumpy, from orange craft foam and tissue paper, attach with glue. Cut leaves and stems from scrap green paper. Cut a thin strip of green paper, wrap around a pencil and release, attach the swirly strip as the vines. Cut a few bird shapes from black paper to form crows, I cut the wings separately so Austin could "make" the birds, add google eyes. 

4. simple green hand print

Happy Crafting!!!

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