Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Up-cycled crafts

First, can I get an AMEN for kids that nap??!! very lovely.

Anyway, today I am talking about using things around the house to make art. I am a saver folks. My poor husband. I save everything and anything that I think I might want to use one day for a project. And I will say that in some cases I've saved something for a whole year only to throw it out because I knew I wasn't going to get to that idea, and that's ok. I do actually use almost everything that I hoard, I mean save. I previously did a post on print making which we do often and uses a ton of found objects. So here is a list of things I would recommend saving. I have also written some fun things I have done with said items. Keep a bin or a box in a closet somewhere and just starting throwing random stuff in. As the holiday months come upon us I will be bringing many creative ideas your way and you will be happy that you have all that you need to make an awesome craft experience happen! Ok, here's the list:

  • Trader Joe's/Whole Foods bags - banners, maps, roads, apple tree, pumpkins
  • paper towel/wrapping paper/toilet paper rolls - pirate scopes, limbo poll, tree trunks, painting circles, binoculars, standing animals
  • buttons - use as eyes, making letters, stamping
  • fabric scraps - sails for boats, scarecrows, animal blankets
  • tissue paper (I save all tissue paper from gifts) - cover glass jars, pumpkins, apples, making letters, shapes, we literally use it weekly for all sorts of projects
  • string/ribbon/yarn
  • glass jars - the best ones are blank pasta jars (no writing), applesauce jars, and baby food jars
  • formula/coffee canisters
  • large boxes - boat, car, house, castle, puppet stage, airplane
  • newspaper 
  • beads (think broken jewelry) - these are fun to glue or put inside mini water bottles to make shakers
  • shoe laces - practice threading beads
  • laundry detergent lids - make awesome stamping tools
  • bubble wrap - making prints, rain drops, water scenes
  • crepe paper (I save it after our parties) - same uses as tissue paper
  • address labels - stamp or color on them to make stickers
  • cotton balls - clouds, beards, snow
  • broken crayons - melt into fun shapes
As we do more crafts you will see all the random things I save and use, and then you can save them too! So maybe today you can take a quick look in your recycling bin and pull out a few things :)

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