Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Advent

Halloween Advent Calendar

I made this advent calendar last year after Halloween so this is the first year we have used it. Austin LOVES it! I started out with a flat piece of canvas board. I painted it black. I then used a metal skewer to poke a hole in each top corner for the ribbon. I then set to work on the cards and boxes. When I first thought of this idea, I wanted each day to be a little box, like days 3, 5, and 16. But each of those boxes are $1 and I was too cheap to spend $31 on boxes! So I just got three. I then used three tiny raisin boxes and covered them in black floral wrapping paper (I just used regular glue). These are days 15, 28, and 30. For the rest of the days I simply used white and kraft card stock. I cut and folded to make different size cards that would all fit like a puzzle on the board. It did take a bit of planning to get them all on there, but I love the finished result. As for the embellishments, I used what I had. I used my faithful Ali Edwards Today Stamp on day 31 in combination with my date stamp (I USE IT ALL THE TIME!!!). The rest is a combo of scraps of patterned paper and punched shapes. The numbers are all stickers from various vendors. The BOO days are chipboard letters. I attached all the cards and boxes with my trusty glue dots. Finally...the treats. The big boxes have two hershey kisses in each one. The small boxes have a few m&ms and a note. All the other days have notes in them too. I just cut strips from orange construction paper, folded each one in half, and taped it into each little card. The notes each have a different project or activity for us to do in the month of October. Some of ours this year: make a handprint pumpkin, make a scarecrow, paint a pumpkin, make pumpkin muffins, movie and popcorn, go apple picking, go to the pumpkin patch, go trick or treating, go to a halloween party, make a silly spider, make orange play dough, make scarecrow crunch, make pumpkin cookies, pancake night, etc. I hope this inspires you to make a fun October Advent. You could always just use a jar and fill it with the advent actions. I find that it encourages me to do more fun things with the kids! I know what you are thinking....I already do a lot. But sometimes, I need to be reminded to stop what I am doing and do something just for fun. We only live each day once.


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