Thursday, November 1, 2012

Project Life - Tips

Ok...this is for all us beginner Project Lifers out there. While watching the PL video by Jennifer Woodbury, I took some notes. But before I mention all the awesome tips I learned, I want to say that you should check out her "getting started" post. She does a fantastic job of explaining how to set up your album BEFORE you begin, which will save you loads of time...which is extremely important. Ok, now bare with me because I do love lists (I make lists for everything). These are very useful lists though.

Project Life Basic Supplies

  1. 12x12   D ring album
  2. Project Life divided page protectors (big pack)
  3. 100 pack of white or grid journal cards
  4. Project Life Core Kit (this is recommended if you DO NOT already have pounds of scrapbooking supplies or you are just to lazy to cut the cards from your pounds of scrapbooking supplies)
  5. thin black journaling pen
  6. office supply date stamp
  7. corner rounder (optional, but know that all the cards bought from Project Life will be rounded so if you want your photos to match you will need to chomp those corners).

*I have previously posted the needed supplies, so I apologize for repeating myself, but I thought I nice, neat, condensed list would be helpful.

Project Life Notes
Taken from the live scrapinar with Jennifer Woodbury.

  • create photo folders on your computer - by year, and then again by either month or quarter
  • create a PL folder - when selecting photos to include in your album, flag them to hold them all in the PL folder until you are ready to print/develop (I would go further and then separate them by week if you plan to document on a weekly basis so you can easily view each week at a time)
  • use the momento app for iPhone to document stories, memories, and funny things the kids say
  • use all the same divided page protectors for a quick and simple album, this will save you "think" time
  • don't be afraid to include a single enlarged photo in your album - 6x12, 8x10, 12x12 (there are page protectors in all these sizes)
  • download a program which will allow you to add text directly to your photos - this is good for journaling before printing, but is also a fun way to be creative
  • put 2 3x4 photos onto a 4x6 template, print and then cut in half
  • tutorial for printing directly onto the PL journaling cards

MY tips for taking photos on your iPhone
*I am by NO means an expert on photography (maybe in my next life) but I do use my iphone to capture my everyday moments on a daily basis since my husband refuses to share the DLSR. Here are just a few things that I find helpful and fun.

  • Photo365 app - This app allows you can organize your photos by day and then view them by month in a calendar format
  • iPhoto app - This app automatically stores all the photos you take and records the date and time.
  • Camera+ app - I only use this and Instagram to take photos. The basis camera that came on my phone I ONLY use for video. Camera+ allows you to edit, brighten, crop, add borders, and is just a better "camera" for your phone.
  • Instagram app - Just do it.
  • PicFrame app - This app allows you to place multiple photos onto one layout using various grid designs.
  • Picfix app - This app is similar to the feel of Instagram photos, but there is no "feed". You upload  a photo from your camera roll, tweak it using dozens of different alterations, light features, and borders, and then either re-save it or upload it to a social media site, like Instagram or Facebook.
  • My phone is always with me. I take photos of my kids everyday using my phone camera. Sure I don't get amazingly clear and perfect pictures, but I love them just as much. Plus the cute little Instagram squares are super fun!

Ordering Photos
  • I order all my photos from our regular cameras from either Mpix or Persnickety Prints. I have tried EVERY photo company out there and I have found these two to be far superior. The prints may be a bit more, but it's so worth it.
  • I use PostalPix (app for iPhone) to order ALL my Instagram photos. They are pricey at 29 cents each for the 4x4, but again, it's completely worth it. The photos come in 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 and have the border and filter that you choose in Instagram. (NOTE - PL now has divided page protectors for Instagram photos, 4x4 size!!!)
  • I use RitzPix (app) to order photos from my phone that I take with Camera+. I have tried Snapfish and Shutterfly and the phone pictures come back horrible, very grainy. Ritz is the best I have found so far. I did just find out that Mpix has an iPhone app now and is printing Instagrams, so I will probably try them next so I can order both my Instagrams and my regular phone pics at the same time. With Ritz, you can upload right from your phone and then pick up in the store. And when you get the app, you get 50 free prints!

That's it. Sorry that was so lengthy! Whew. More PL stuff to come soon! I just started putting my album together so I will be sharing that soon! I'm so excited to FINALLY be doing this!

- Awbree

Photo of Austin walking in the rain, taken on my iPhone.

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