Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let it SNOW!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

I have been making paper snowflakes for what seems like decades, but this is the first year I tried using coffee filters. I'm in love! I won't ever go back to that boring office paper again. The filters are thin, round, and oh so very lovely. We make a ton every year and hang them on our glass sliding doors. If we can't have real snow outside, we can at least have some pretty snowflakes to look at every day.

 So here is my step-by-step instructions for making perfect snowflakes. If you follow my steps exactly, you will end up with three different patterns. This should be a good start if you have never tried this before. Once you get going, it's kind of addicting because the possibilities are endless. It's fun to create! 

Supplies: coffee filters, scissors, and a pencil in you want to draw the pattern

1.  press filter flat to open and spread out
2.  fold filter in half
3. fold in half again
4.  fold in half again
5.  can you believe it? fold it in half again
6.  snip off the tip
7. cut a scallop shape off the top
8. cut out tall, thin triangles from the edge that has ONE fold
9.  open and say "ohhhh"

Yay for you! If you followed along, you just made your first snowflake! Time for number two. Follow steps 1-6 and then read below.
1. cut a zig zag pattern off the top
2. cut semi circles from both sides, being careful to leave space in between each one
3. enjoy the beauty

Ok, time for the third snowflake design. This one is a bit tricky. But it's all good because you have mad snowflake makin' skills now. So grab another filter, repeat steps 1-5 (DO NOT CUT OFF TIP) and then read below.
1. this is the shape you will cute out of the top, you can use a pencil to draw it first if you want (it's basically a triangle and then a semi circle, I hold it with the tip facing up and cut the triangle first)
2. cut a tall, thin triangle up into the snowflake from the tip
3. cut two triangles from one side and one triangle from the other side, making sure to leave space around each one
4. aren't you proud of yourself?

Last snowflake. Repeat steps 1-6 and then follow along.
1. cut a curved line and then a zig zag line from the top
2. cut three triangles from one side
3. cut two triangles from the other side

I forgot to take a final picture of this one, but just know that it is just as awesome as all the others.

After I had my fun cutting (and Austin watching and taping mine to the door), I decided to let him try to cut one.
I was impressed.
1.  I left the filter a bit wider, so I only folded it 3 times
2. draw a design on the filter for your little one to see easily
3. I held the filter and moved it slightly while Austin cut along the lines
 I couldn't be prouder (I think Austin might have the craft gene).
Apply generous amounts of tape (mommy's who stock up on tape from the dollar store ROCK btw).

Happy Holidays!

- Awbree

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