Wednesday, December 26, 2012

making merry

I wanted to share some of the crafts we have done this month. Sadly, this is only a fraction. I sometimes forget to take pictures of our cute creations because I get distracted....shocker. I was really on the ball with our advent this year. Thanks to my monthly craft night, I made this sweet little treat bags back in September. I really love how they turned out! I slid two Hershey kisses in each bag along with a note saying what that days activity was.

1. visit the tree farm and pick out a tree
2. make snowflakes
3. visit Lights on the Bay
4. bake sugar cookies
5. make a snowman
6. make handprint reindeer
7. make a jingle bell necklace
8. make reindeer cookies
9. make treats for friends
10. make a felt christmas tree
11. make a baby Jesus in a manger
12. make a paper chain
13. visit the trains at Homestead Gardens
14. make button trees with friends
15. have a PJ & Pancake Party
16. decorate a tree outside
17. watch a Charlie Brown Christmas
18. go to Polar Express Story time at the library
19. make hot chocolate and read Christmas stories
20. help mommy wrap presents
21. make a gingerbread house
22. make snowmen ornaments
23. make cinnamon ornaments
24. go to Christmas Eve service at Church

 I hung ribbon and lace from nails that were already in the wall. I then just used mini clothespin to hold each bag. I purchased the bags from Amazon and then painted the numbers on myself using my favorite stamp set. This is a mirror that I covered with a sheet of paper from Paper Source. Chevron :) I discovered at Austin's birthday party last year that the dimensions of the craft paper they carry by sheets is the exact size of this mirror so now I'm a bit obsessed with covering it with pretty papers to match every occasion.

trees made by the kids
Trees made by mommy. I kinda love how these turned out. This was another craft night project. I used cardboard tree forms purchased from both Michaels and Paper Source. I then covered two in white sparkly yarn. I had to cover it first completely flat, wrapped tight, and then wrapped it messy on top to look a bit chunky. For the other two trees, I cut glittery white felt into strips, cut it 3/4's of the way up to make a fringe and then wrapped it and glued. Repeat. I used hot glue for both.
I made this wreath last year. It's a cheap grapevine wreath (2.99 I think) that I stuffed some fake berries into. I topped it with some Martha Stewart ribbon bought like 8 years ago from K-mart.
Our felt tree. Austin had fun making this and helping me trace and cut out the circles, but then didn't touch it again. I think next year I will add more circles and iron on either letters or numbers to make it more interactive. I bought the green felt at Michaels with a coupon for around $2.00. I then picked up a pack of colored felt rectangles from the dollar store for the ornaments and decor.
I LOVE this. It was actually kind of an after thought, I didn't even set out to make this! Jay had cut some branches from the trees out back to make some garland for the front door. There was a huge stack of extra greenery, so I just grabbed some, bunched it up, wrapped some velvet red ribbon around it twice and then tied a bow, and finally added the glittered C that I picked up from Pottery Barn kids. It's an ornament and was $2.99 (note: the glittered letters are now on sale for $1).  It was super easy and it's so pretty! It makes me smile.

Hello my little watch cat.
This is the chalkboard I had hanging in my childhood bedroom and just recently reclaimed. I decided to hang it up a few months ago in the entryway and I've been having fun writing messages on it for the different seasons. This is as fancy as it gets in our house. I actually wish it was more black and not green, but oh well. It was free. I'm all about the free.
I had read about "yarn bombing" over on Rachel Denbow's blog and decided to give it a try. Austin enjoyed it. You literally just wrap the yarn around the pinecones. We first went on a pinecone hunt with a basket, found some good ones, and then wrapped them up. The next day we strung cranberries and decorated out tree in the side yard "for the birds", according to Austin. Paige even really got into the decorating. Such a fun project!
My all time favorite stockings from Pottery Barn Kids. We have had them since the beginning, but last year I hand embroidered our names on them and I'm so glad I did.
This is my favorite Christmas decoration. You will probably see it again next year. I made it in college. It's the first thing I put out each year. Silly tradition. Hello snowman.
Last years Santa picture. So awesome. Sadly, this years doesn't quite measure up. We have the BEST Santa. So patient. So jolly. So MERRY.
Simple and kid friendly. JOY letters from Hobby Lobby. Green yarn tree made by me. Miniature nativity given to me by my Grandmother. Advent church score from Goodwill last spring for $6. Collection of December Daily Albums. My snowman. Santa picture. This years will be added next year.
Salt dough ornaments painted with acrylic paint. Austin's super talented. I think he got the craft gene :)
Handprint ornaments seen to be another tradition I started. I use the Crayola Model Magic. Line a cookie sheet with foil, form dough into a circle and smooth it out flat. Press hand into center of circle. Make a hole with a straw. Let dry overnight. Flip over and dry over night again. Hand up and enjoy! I use a sharpie to write the name and date on the back.
Our tree. Not as perfect as I would have liked, but that's what happens when I let a 3 year old hand up the ornaments. I was rushing to get it done because he kept handing me ornaments, faster than I could hang them. I also have decided I now need a more traditional tree skirt. Either white or red. Before kids I did an all purple, pink, white and silver tree. Now this purple skirt sticks out like a sore thumb. Yuck.
"Baby Jesus lives in a nest" - Austin, age 3 1/2.
Toilet paper roll cut in half lengthwise, yellow construction paper cut into strips and glued, wooden "peg" from JoAnn's wrapped with some scrap muslin fabric and secured with Elmer's glue, and a Sharpie face courtesy of Austin.
Reindeer cookies, pre-bake. We made these for the first time last year and they were a huge hit. I cheated and bought the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix in a bag. Cut out heart for the head and then decorate to look like Rudolph.

December Instagrams coming soon with more crafty fun! Until then, enjoy the last week of December. And maybe you can still make a little merry in your house :)

- Awbree

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