Saturday, December 29, 2012

Project Life 2013


Project Life will begin for me on Tuesday, January 1st. I am so excited about embarking on this new project. I hope I can stick with it. I hope it doesn't stress me out. I hope I grow to love it. We will see.

So here is my attack plan. I went to Target this morning and picked up a little notebook to use to journal  each day what we did, funny things the kids did and said, etc. I do this for December Daily and it helps me when the time comes to scrapbook the week. I also plan to have a folder for all the other "stuff", such as receipts, tickets, artwork, school papers, etc. I will be keeping the folder and the notebook in the kitchen where I can easily add things throughout the day. I wish I could say that I plan to complete each week as I go, but I don't really think that is an attainable goal. Since I do not own a photo printer, I will be ordering my photos, most likely from more than one site. I will probably end up completely a month at a time. Let's face it, I am not going to order $10 worth of pictures and spend $5 on shipping. I hate that. So this is where my notebook theory comes into play. I will be able to just look up the day and copy my journaling into my PL album.

Now comes the fun stuff. I took the jump into the Studio Calico monthly kits. I have been following their blog for almost two years now and I will admit I'm a bit obsessed. I never ordered any of the scrapbooking kits because I have SOOOOO MUCH that I new I didn't need it. But when they announced they were teaming up with Becky Higgins to create a Project Life Kit I knew I wanted it. I put my name on the list for a subscription right away and I'm so happy I did because it sold out fast. I am sure they will be adding more spots as the months go on, so if you are interested put your name on the waiting list. The kit includes a variety of 3x4 cards, a few 4x6 cards, a stamp set, stickers, labels, washi tape, and some other fun embellishments. Each month is different so it's like a little surprise on your doorstep each month. How fun! I don't have it yet. I am not sure when the first one gets shipped, I just know I get billed the 1st of each month. Here is a look at the January Project Life kit:

If you want the basic Project Kit Core Kit, the new editions Seafoam and Olive will be available on Amazon in mid-January (hopefully). The other editions are available now.

I made some new journaling cards with two stamp sets that my good friend Amy, and Close to my Heart consultant, gave me for my birthday. I LOVE THEM! As soon as I opened them, I screamed, "These are perfect for Project Life!" And that they are. Check out their products here. The sets she gave me are monthly sets so they are only available that month. I found them both on ebay if you are interested.

Close to My Heart - Capture the Date stamp set

Close to My Heart - It's Your Day double stamp set

I also printed some free journaling cards from various blogs that I had saved on my Project Life Board on Pinterest. Be sure to follow me to see organization ideas and page inspiration. with that all set, my last task is to get all my products organized. That is my task for tomorrow. I'll be back with that post soon. Until then...maybe you have a trip to Target in store or a few pictures to snap?

- Awbree

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