Sunday, December 30, 2012

Project Life

Two more days! Are you ready? I am as ready as I can be at this point. I just finished my cover page. Please excuse the bad photos, the lighting is unfortunately really bad in my scrap space....the basement. And I took these at night, not a great idea. Anyway...I kept it really simple. I used our Christmas card as the main photo. I just cut it down to take out the writing and fit into the 6x6 square the way I wanted. The other squares are: our LIFE this is what I want to remember most, 2013, C caton, 4 (family of four). I like it. I'm happy it's done.

I cleaned out my scrap space today. I simply just don't have enough room to keep things I don't use. And with my new kits coming each month, I knew I needed to make some spare room. I filled an entire laundry basket with stuff I no longer use/want. It's kinda depressing when you stop to think about how much money all that cost....I saw some price tags and was wincing as I threw it in the basket. Oh well. Trends change. That's the business. Here is a look at my newly organized space.

I use an armoire as my "desk". My hubby installed a little pull down table for me to use. It's not ideal, but it works. My main complaint is the lighting. I need to invest in a clip on I think, but I'm to cheap to buy one. When I am doing a major scrapping session, I pull out a folding table and put it next to my to form an L shape which works awesome. I do love that I can just close the doors and LOCK this all up, which is extremely important in my house.

I have all my stickers organized my size and hanging on D rings on both sides on my doors. This was the best idea and saves so much space! Plus I really like how I can what I want and quickly grab it.

I have a two photo boxes. The bottom one has pictures in it that I chose to not scrap. The top box has my smaller scraps (I keep my larger scraps in folders on the top shelf with all my other papers. I have one for patterns and one for solids). The blue wooden box I picked up at an antique store in Cape Cod. I have my Project Life journaling cards in the back and Instagrams that I need to scrap in front. The little box holds my small stamp sets.

Washi, doilies, and bowl with my december embellishments (waiting to finish my December Daily album).

This "box" is actually an old drawer. I found it at a yard sale a few years ago. I keep all my clear stamps in it. It works well because its low so I can easily search for what I need. 

I decided to move some of my scrapbook stuff over to the counter next to the washer/dryer. I am going to try to use this as my Project Life Station. For now, I just moved some stuff over that I don't use as much. But after I start getting my kits, and get into the swing of how I am going to tackle PL each week, I will re-organize to have what I need here. The little drawers are from Ikea and hold lace, ribbons, paper embellishments, and chipboard. The wooden crate I stole from my grandparents shed and works well to make an extra shelf. That's my December Daily album on top. I have through day 12 finished...not sure how I'm going to fit in the rest. I might have to put a rubber band around it. Below is a Longaberger basket that holds tags, more journaling cards, envelopes, large chipboard, and large doilies. 

Here is a picture of my new PL notebook I picked up at Target. I made a grid for each week for the first 5 weeks (all of January). Again, hoping to stay organized and on top of my journaling.

Be back soon!

- Awbree

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