Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 free (or super cheap) things TO DO...

...with your kids at home and in Annapolis.

1. play bubbles in the kitchen sink
2. play hide and seek
3. read books in mommy's bed
4. pay flashlight tag on a dreary day
5. play grocery store
6. have a carwash in the sink/tub
7. have a PJ party
8. have a dance party
9. play with shaving cream (we use it as snow and plow trucks through it on a cookie sheet)
10. have breakfast at Chic fil A (it's cheap and no one is in the play area)
11. go for a walk downtown
12. string cheerios on a wooden skewer stuck in play dough
13. make a boat from a box
14. play post office (make mail and packages)
15. paint (get messy, it will be ok)
16. bake muffins
17. take daddy lunch at work
18. make popsicle stick puppets
19. play I SPY
20. play school bus
21. make a banner that says something happy
22. make home made dog treats (if you don't have a dog, deliver to a neighbor)
23. make shape robots
24. have a sing-a-long (use instruments)
25. make shakers from water bottles and rice/beads
26. go to a museum in DC (the National History Museum is a favorite of ours, lots of animals and live butterflies)
27. visit Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, they have FREE kids art programs
28. dye pasta or rice (play with it as pretend food, string it, or glue it)
29. go on a treasure hunt
30. make a city/road from paper bags cut open and taped to the floor
31. feed the ducks downtown
32. visit the book store
33. make a paper chain
34. make Valentines
35. make a fort (we use clothespins and sheets)
36. play school
37. bake cookies
38. take a bath for fun (use measuring cups, funnels, and big spoons to scoop up bubbles)
39. have a tea party, invite a friend
40. visit the library
41. play at the mall, walk with little strollers and a stuffed friend
42. visit Storyville (it's free)
43. go to Target (give the kids a snack, grab a coffee, and walk around and look at the pretty stuff)
44. make a card for Grandma and mail it
45. visit the Post Office
46. visit the fire station
47. make play dough
48. make pancakes for lunch (we make silly shapes and animals with pancake molds)
49. make a home made pizza, let the kids decorate it with all the toppings
50. make a block city or zoo
51. run errands with a friend (you would be surprised how much more enjoyable it is)
52. have a living room picnic
53. make popcorn and watch a movie
54. fill a bag with clothes and toys to donate (this could be a good lesson in giving)
55. make play dough letters
56. play pirates
57. trace your child's body on the back of wrapping paper and let them decorate themselves
58. finger paint with pudding
59. make a pasta necklace
60. bake a cake and have a party
61. have a bean bag/ball toss
62. play princesses (go to a Royal Ball)
63. make binoculars from TP rolls
64. have a car/truck parade, then measure it
65. make paper play animals
66. make snowflakes
67. visit the SPCA and play with the animals
68. go bowling
69. make a felt board
70. power walk in the mall with a friend
71. make playdough cookies or pizza
72. go to Bass Pro Shop and watch the fish
73. go to the Mall in Columbia and ride the carousel
74. stamp with spools or corks
75. make prints with bubble wrap
76. go on a nature scavenger hunt (make a list and take a bag)
77. play in the snow (if you have it)
78. take a walk/bike ride on the Navy track
79. draw/cut out farm animals and sing Old MacDonald
80. play animal doctor/hospital
81. learn ABC's on
82. go on an alphabet hunt (find something for each letter)
83. go on a color hunt (put a piece on construction paper on the floor or table for each color, then find items that match and put on that color paper)
84. go to the garden store and look all the flowers and trees
85. feed the turtles at Quiet Waters
86. go on a road trip, explore a new area
87. go to a story time at Barnes and Noble or your local library
88. walk through Eastport and look at all the sail boats
89. visit Kinder Farm park and see all the farm animals
90. make ice cream
91. make a sensory bin (rice, beans, pasta, corn, etc.)
92. go to the park
93. do a kid swap with a friend and either get something done or actually relax and do nothing :)
94. play with buttons (glue, sort, count)
95. make snowmen (buttons, felt, sticks, cotton balls etc.)
96. make igloos with marshmallows and toothpicks
97. go to the pet store
98. go to the dollar store, give each kid $2 and let them pick out 2 toys
99. go to Starbucks or DD and enjoy a coffee and a treat
100. take a walk on a beach

enjoy your day,

- Awbree

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