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December Daily 2012

Hello there. A little late on posting my December Daily album for this year, but seems to be the new theme here on this little blog, huh? This is the second year that I have done the project and I LOVE IT. December Daily is a project started by Ali Edwards. It is a mini scrapbook showcasing the daily life and traditions that occur during the month of December. I do mine from December 1-25, ending on Christmas, which seems to be the most popular. This year I used a chip board album from Paper Loft. It came with a few kraft pages, chip board pages, and 2 kraft envelope pages. I then cut additional pages from card stock to add more. I stitched two card stock pages together for each page so it would be a bit stronger. Since this album did not include page protectors I wanted it to be as strong as possible. You will see that I actually sewed many of my elements straight to the page. Here is my finished book:

For the cover, I covered it in glossy Mod Podge, adhered a large doily around the spine, and then covered with more MP. I then tied white lace, green lace, and red twine in knots and bows. Topped it off with an antique black and gold sparkly button. Along the spine it also says 2012 in large number stickers. I actually had to go back and cover the stickers with MP too because they were peeling off.

This is my title page. I like to do this for DD because then I will have a double page spread available for each day. I punched the confetti myself. Pretty crafty, huh?

Day 1 - A trip to the tree farm. We go to Friendship Farms in Friendship, Maryland. I wanted to add this additional photo of Austin putting the star on the tree from later in the day, so I just added another little page.

The Christmas buttons are made by American Crafts and were purchased from Target. I had sewn on a journaling card for each day before December so that I could easily write in what we did that day even without having my photos. I also pre-made the number tags. I punched circles from kraft card stock and then used various red and green number stickers.

Day 2 - We decided to decorate the little tree beside our house for the birds. We strung cranberries and then tried yarn bombing. The kids loved hanging up the pine cones. I also added in a small envelope holding a receipt from Crate and Barrel from my first Christmas shopping excursion.

The glitter letters are American Crafts Thickers in silver. The majority of my stamps are Ali Edwards from Technique Tuesday.

Day 3 - A playdate in the morning, you can see some photos from that peeking out from the envelope. "Love This" stamp is Close to my Heart. Paige talking to doggie at bedtime.

Day 4 - I didn't take any pictures today. Shocking, I know. How did I make it through the day without a single Instagram? I sewed a pocket and slipped in Austin's Christmas list. On the other side is a little art Austin made with the foam stickers he got in the mail from his pen pal Julianna.

Day 5 - We took the kids to Lights on the Bay. The pictures didn't look so great, so I included the ticket from our trip and then added in our Christmas Card since it had arrived in the mail that day.

Day 6 - Austin making cinnamon ornaments with Mommy, Daddy and Paige brushing their teeth, and Paige watching Blue's Clues.

Day 7 - Our annual trip to Homestead Gardens with Austin's bestie Ashlyn. Here is Paige among all the pretty pointsettias. 

Again, I wanted to add the extra picture, so I just created a page. I backed it with our bag from buying miniature Christmas trees, cut down to size. Austin and Ashlyn watching the trains together while sitting in a rocket.

Day 8 - A visit with Santa. Paige wasn't so sure. She cried. Picture is a bit blurry, but you get what you get with two little, squirmy kids. The black page with hold a photo or two from my surprise birthday party Jay threw for me this day. I am waiting for pictures.

Day 9 - A birthday party at My Gym. 

Day 10 - A cookie swap playdate. Paige decorated cookies for the first time, some artwork done by Paige, and the kids both in sugar commas on the drive home. On the right, I added two small pictures from an afternoon playdate with two wild boys so similar to Austin. The kids all ran down to the water to find ducks. "This Day" stamp also from Close to my Heart.

Day 11 - Paige playing with the Fisher Price Little People nativity set. I love this because I have a similar picture from last year. In the little chevron bag are a few notes of things I love about Paige. On the front I stamped, I love.... (stamp from Ali Edwards). Chevron bag from Paper Source.

Day 12 - Today I embarked on a new project. 12 on 12, taking a picture each hour for 12 hours on the 12th. I wrote on each picture the hour it was taken with a white gel pen. 
8:00 snowman craft
9:00 playing with hand made baby Jesus
10:00 making reindeer cookies
11:00 Paige cheesing it up during lunch
12:00 Paige sitting in Bumbo, which she did all by herself
1:00 Austin watching A Very Hungry Caterpillar movie
2:00 Mommy and Austin cuddle time
3:00 Paige is awake and wondering where everyone is

4:00 a walk to the playground with little strollers
5:00 a meltdown
6:00 Paige applying butt paste to her tummy
7:00 a favorite things party with friends
The artwork on the right side is a painting Austin did at school.

Day 13 - My full plate of cookies ready for tasting at my very first cookie exchange party.

Day 14 - I went to pick up the kids from their classes at MOPS a tad bit early, and was able to snap a few pictures of them. Austin was totally engrossed in listening to The Gingerbread Boy. Paige found a Rudolph book. For the journalling page, I covered white card stock with Ali Edwards stamps.

Day 15 - Moms Night Out. So needed. So deserved. So fun.

Day 16 - The whole family made ice cream cone Christmas trees after dinner. The kids liked the part when they got to eat all the candy best. So did Daddy.

Day 7 - A Pajama Pancake Party! I sewed on the Hanna Anderson tag from the new pjs the kids got as an early Christmas present. A shot of almost all the kids in their pjs. I left a spot for a picture of Austin and Paige cuddling on the couch that I have yet to order.

Day 18 - A night time trip to the library for a Polar Express Storytime. Paige showing off some elf pjs and Austin and Ashlyn with Elle and I waiting for the book reading to begin.

Day 19 - A visit from Taylor today. I kept her for a few hours while her mommy got some work done. She was so unbelievably sweet and so very patient with Austin. Here was a moment of peace captured.

Day 20 - Austin and I made this snow globe with my antique blue mason jar. The mini trees I picked up at Homestead Gardens during our visit. I torn one off base and tied it to an old fire truck. The "snow" is rock salt. I kinda love it. On the journalling page, I added a little santa tag Austin received on a present from his great-grandmother.

Day 21 - My birthday. My awesome friends Jen and Emily came to visit for the day. Emily is Paige's Godmother, so she was as happy as a clam to have a lap to sit in. Austin and Jen's daughter, Julianna made gingerbread houses. Julianna and Paige playing dress up.

(I added in another full page, because there were just too much goodness this day.)
Three friends. It is quite incredible that I have known both of these ladies since the summer after 5th grade. We have grown up together for the past 19 years, going on 20. That is insane! What a wonderful birthday present. To end my incredible day, Jay and I went to dinner at Chop House. Did you know you eat free there on your birthday??? The luck was all mine.

Day 22 - A holiday party with neighbors and friends at Harry Browns in downtown, Annapolis.

Day 23 - Making sugar cookies with the kiddos. I tucked a picture of the finished product behind the journaling card. There were actually pretty beautiful. Especially the trees, which Austin decided to dump the entire container of green sugar on.

Day 24 - Jay and I had a day date today (oh how I love when Grammy is here). We went to Starbucks and then to see This is 40. So nice to have some alone time. The snowman paper is artwork from Paige,  thanks to stickers sent in the mail from Grammy.

That evening we all went to church for the Christmas Eve service. I included the invitation. I snapped a few pics of the kids all dressed up in front of the super cute wooden trees they had all over the lobby.

Day 25 - Christmas. Super simple page. I just included a picture of Paige that morning wearing her new pjs, her new Dora dress, and the new guitar Santa left under the tree. Totally captured the joy of Christmas morning. In the pocket is Paige's santa tag from her great-grandmother. I wanted to include both in the book. I also tucked inside the journalling card listing what the kids got for Christmas and their reactions. I have yet to see or order the Christmas pictures that Jay took on the big camera. I am sure I will be added another page or too once I do.

The ending page. I cut down a piece of wrapping paper along with a santa sticker.

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my December.

- Awbree


  1. How inspiring! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Love this! Very creative and inspirational :) Your kids will LOVE to look through this.