Monday, January 21, 2013

The days are LONG...

...but the years are short.

That is how I am feeling today.


I am tired.
My do to list is making fun of me.
I keep eating cookies and then hating it.
Austin is literally bouncing up and down.
Paige has so much snot I could fill a jar.
My house is never clean.
The laundry seems to never end.
I am sick of being talked at.


I am grateful for this life.
I love hugs and sloppy kisses.
I am ok with my not perfect body.
I am blessed to have such awesome friends.
I am surrounded by love.
I make time to be creative.
I am lucky.

It all balances out. But for today...I might be a bit grumpy because it's already feeling like a long day. And it's only 11:45.

And that's ok too.

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