Thursday, January 3, 2013

Valentine's Day is coming!

So since I was so horrible at posting all of our Christmas crafts, oh you know, actually prior to Christmas...I decided to get an early jump on Valentine's Day! I hit up the dollar bins at Target (such a bad place for me...I just can't walk away) and loaded up on all things red and pink. I found packs of foam glittered hearts for $1. I got two. I punched holes in them and strung them on regular old string.

I also picked up two packs of these sweet little heart clothespins for $1 each. I hung cream ribbon along with lace from our pantry door and clipped them on. Now we just need some Valentine's to hang!

Also scored from Target, but saving for other days: foam heart sentiment stickers, glitter heart stickers, rainbow number foam stickers, felt heart stickers, mini tin pails (hearts and chevron), red and pink glitter glue, heart doilies, heart ice cube tray, and probably a few other goodies that I forgot about. Way too much goodness in those darn dollar bins! 

I made this banner last year and decided to hang it up again. For this one I had cut hearts from various scraps of pink and red paper. I then lined them up and ran them through my sewing machine. Super simple and one of my new favorite ways to bake a banner. I hang all my banners to the wall with scotch tape. It stays and it does't damage the walls.

I picked up these glittered letters at Pottery Barn the day after Christmas. Even at half off they were still $1.00 so I only bought 5 letters - HAPPY. I figure I can use it for: HAPPY holidays, HAPPY Valentine's Day, HAPPY new year, HAPPY birthday, HAPPY easter, HAPPY everything! They are designed as ornaments so my middle letters have only one hole making them sway a bit. Oh well. With the mirror in the background you see both sides, so it's all good. I plan to add a "Valentine's Day" under it. But for now this is good. I hung the letters on plain white string. I taped the ends to the top of the mirror. I then added a bit of pink ric rac and white lace to each end by just knotting it on. The kids like it. Every night at dinner, Paige looks up at the mirror and says, "happy!" It's pretty cute and gives Jay and I a good laugh.

I also snazzed up my boring candle sconces with some pink heart ribbon, white grosgrain, white lace, and red pom poms. 

Happy crafting!

- Awbree

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