Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Whole Lotta LOVE better late than never Valentine's photo dump.

Well, I'm late again. I me. But it is still February so I'm not THAT late. This is a big one. We had a busy week of Valentine's parties. First, here are some simple crafts we did here at home.

First up is stamping with cookie cutters. The kids LOVED this and actually were both entertained for about 30 minutes. That's long in our house. I poured pink and red paint onto paper plates and they stamped away. We used hearts, X's and O's.

This is Paige's:

This is Austin's (he likes patterns):

We also made some Valentine's for Daddy. Here are the one's from the kids:

And here are mine:

I made him this card, putting a library card holder on the front all jazzed up with paper and lace. I tucked some love coupons into the pocket. 

For this one I just cut a heart and made it look pretty. I'm really loving doilies and book pages right now. I hung some ribbon and lace on our pantry door to hang all our Valentine's on. It was overflowing by the end of the month, but here is a shot of it at the beginning.

If you are curious how I hung the ribbon, we have storage racks attached to the inside of the door so I just tied the ribbon onto the racks and dropped in over the other side.

We also made this sweet little trees. I drew the tree outlines onto card stock. Then Austin and I punched hearts out of construction paper. The kids glued them all over. Austin said his hearts were making a chain.

Now for our Valentine's Party. Before the guests arrived, I wanted to attempt a few shots of the kids in the shirts I made them. I snapped for 20 minutes and got 2 decent pictures. Don't they know that my main goal in having cute kids is to just take their pictures??? Why can't they just sit still! Gosh. 

Anyway.....I taped some fabric to the wall and made funny faces and threatened the kids to "JUST SIT STILL AND DON'T TOUCH YOUR SISTER!!!" When that didn't work, I told them if I got a good picture, they could have a marshmallow. Yup. I bribe. 

Here is what are snacks set up looked like. A lot of pink and a lot of hearts.

We had GIANT heart marshmallows.

A snack mix of Heart to Heart cereal, golden raisins, and chocolate chips. Which by the way is totally acceptable as a mommy snack. It's very yummy.

Heart shaped sugar cookies. I used the old faithful Better Crocker sugar cookie mix. I add cinnamon to the dough. Yum. Then I made a simple glaze with just water and powered sugar. I brushed that on and sprinkled these lovely jimmies I got in the dollar aisle at Target. Score!

Strawberries cut into hearts. A must.

For a healthier version of the cupcake, I made whole wheat banana muffins topped with homemade raspberry cream cheese icing. I got these liners and heart sticks at the Dollar Store.

We can't have a party without cheese. It's Austin's favorite thing. I drew on some arrows with a Sharpie.

For the party, all the kids brought Valentine's to share with their little friends. We decorated bags for our cards and treats. I set up a crafting station. I used a muffin tin to hold all the stickers. I also had out doilies, cut hearts, tissue paper, and markers. I had a card making station set up at another table. 

Austin's Valentine's:

Drawing with Bridgette and Meridian. 

Next up was a cookie decorating party at Bridgette's house. They kids had a blast! I made up some icing and put into squirt tubs. Best idea ever!! Big thanks to Pinterest!

Finally, Austin's school party. He had it on Valentine's Day so that was fun. I was able to go in and help out. So fun to see Austin at school and how he interacts with his teacher and friends there. There was a cupcake decorating station.

A painting station, which I was in charge of. in charge of crafts. Here is sweet Ellie making a heart.

And a chocolate play dough station. This stuff was AMAZING! I couldn't stop smelling it! They had candy boxes and wrappers to make pretend chocolates. Super cute! 

Here is Brooke making me some delicious candy.

The kids had made Valentine mail boxes the previous school day. They used milk cartons wrapped in paper with a foam flag attached with a brad. Everyone brought in such awesome Valentines. The boxes were overflowing! What a great day!

That's it. If you made it to the end, thank you! And as always, thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day and was able to spend a little alone time with someone special.

xoxo, Awbree

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