Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fun with "snow"

To celebrate our first snow outside, we decided to play with some snow inside too. Well, it's actually just shaving cream, but they think it's pretty cool. I did this for the first time last year with Austin and he loved it. I squirt a huge pile onto each cookie sheet, and he pushes, digs, dumps, and makes tracks. Good clean fun! Paige was stomping some dinos through hers. As you can see from her face in this first shot, she was a bit perplexed. 

This little set of construction trucks is one of Austin's favorite toys. I bought them last year for his birthday, which was a construction theme, from Target for $5.99...for the whole set! Good deal. These trucks are very busy. They have worked in sand, snow, water, and ice.

We made the bulldozer a snow plow for the day.

After the snow got boring, I filled the kitchen sink with bubbles, gave each kid a sponge and they washed all the trucks and dinosaurs. Playing with water and bubbles in the sink might be the easiest way to distract kids for 30 or more minutes, depending oh how wet you will let them, and your floor, get before saying, "ALL DONE!" Shaving cream is one of our Dollar Store staples. 

Get some and have a "snow day"!

- Awbree

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