Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project Life weeks 4-5

week 4: January 21 - 28

I ordered my Instagrams this round in a grid format, giving me mini 2x2 squares. I really like this option because it lets me fit way more Instagrams into my layouts. I can then put four minis together (like I did in the top right of this layout) to equal one 4x4 square, or I can fit one mini onto a 3x4 journaling card. They are perfect. I order all my Instagrams from PostalPix. I have come to realize that my camera does not show the full potential of my PL layouts. They are just simply way better in person. Busy week this week: Cat and the Hat story time at Barnes and Noble, Austin tried to put "makeup on Paige using markers, a blog post titled "The days are long....", Austin playing doctor with Doggy, Ashlyn and Austin dancing in the kitchen, and organized block towers. 

I printed off the blog post and inserted it into a 3x4 pocket. I was having a really rough day, and decided to write about it. I wanted to capture the reality of my life right now. The hard, the bad, and the ugly. That is my life sometimes. And it's ok to have the bad in with all the good in my layouts. I want to look back and remember it all.

This week we had our first snow. FIRST REAL SNOW>>>>I had to include that! The kids LOVED it. I took them sledding at 8:30 in the morning to be sure we got some sledding in before it melted. It was cold, but we had an absolute blast. This was Austin's first time sledding and he couldn't get enough of it. The hill was pretty small, but he flew down it. Paige enjoyed the snow, but would only go on the sled on my lap. Excuse the black spot...I'm saving a space for one of Jay's pics I have yet to order.

week 5: January 28 - February 3

We ran into the garbage truck on our way one morning, and I couldn't resist snapping a picture of Austin covering his ears. Austin playing with "snow", aka shaving cream, with his construction trucks. I've been keeping a record of funny things that Austin says, and I am really enjoying adding them into my PL. Austin and Kelsey at the playground. Love those sweet faces. Austin and Ashlyn all dressed up for a lunch date. Last, a snap shot of my car console...7 empty fruit snack packs. Kid crack in our house. My kids can't get enough.

Paige often falls asleep while sucking on BOTH thumbs. This day she fell asleep while I was watching her and I had to run downstairs and grab my camera. And yes, I often watch my children sleep. It reminds me of how cute they are and how sweet they are. I often forget when they are screaming, crying, and fighting. Next up is Paige being a total ham during dinner. Kinda a gross picture, but I thought it captured her sillyness. I included a journaling card with some of Paige's current favorite foods. A big one is yogurt and banana, hence the matching pic. I also journaled a card with a list of five things I love: fresh flowers, chocolate, the beach, a good deal, and feeling loved. I am working on getting over my "I don't always like my hand writing" thing and just journal more. About everything and anything. I snapped a pic of my current weight. I started a weight loss challenge with some friends and I wanted to document my starting point. Last up a pic an Instagram of Jen and I that I cropped a bit. She threw a surprise birthday party for her hubby and we dropped off kids and Grandma's and ran over as fast as we could. It was nice to see friends from High School I haven't seen in years...however I felt really old the entire time. And then at one point, after a few, ahem, glasses of wine, I added up how many years Jen and I have been friends. 19. And then I felt REALLY old. Haha! Sometime's getting older is good. I am enjoying 30 so far. I feel grounded. I feel at peace at who I am. I feel content. I could live with a little more green in my bank account...but I am happy and healthy, so I'm good.

I hope you enjoyed my Project Life this week. If you have any questions about products, please ask. Most of what you see is from my Studio Calico Project Life kit. However I do throw in other randomness.

Have a happy week :)

- Awbree

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