Wednesday, May 22, 2013

25 favorite iPhone apps

My TOP PICKS for iPhone apps

  1. Instagram
  2. A Beautiful Mess
  3. Evite
  4. Pinterest
  5. Pandora
  6. Meetup
  7. Blogger
  8. Photo365
  9. PicFrame
  10. PostalPix
  11. Camera+
  12. Phoster
  13. Over
  14. Picfx
  15. PicTapGo
  16. AppsGoneFree
  17. Disney Junior
  18. eBay
  19. Craigslist
  20. Amazon
  21. Jo-Ann Fabrics
  22. Flashlight
  23. White Noise (sound machine app for on the go naps)
  24. Hobby Lobby
  25. Fahrenheit Weather
What would we all do without our iPhones??? I seriously have no clue how I lived before. It's so pathetic that I am so dependent on a small little phone that steals away my attention and time from more important matters. But I do. As you can see I have way too many photo apps. My go to is Instagram. I'm obsessed. I take 90% of my photos in Instagram. Then I order them from PostalPix. I normally order every two weeks. I just discovered A Beautiful Mess app which lets you write over your photos, add doodles and borders. It's pretty fun. All the others I am tried out and use on occasion but not on a regular basis.

We're off to Oxford this morning. Wanted to get in a quick ride on the ferry and a bit of ice cream at the park before leaving Maryland. I remember riding the ferry with my grandfather when I was a little girl. And now my kids do it. We do it every summer. I couldn't let this one by. Enjoy this hot day!

- Awbree

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