Tuesday, May 7, 2013

25 lists

Hello. It's been a whirl wind over here. Packing, spending precious time with friends, cleaning, more packing, and more spending time with friends. I had a thought today. I love lists. I truly do. I make lists for everything and anything around here. They help me feel in control. They make me calm. They bring me peace for all that there is to be done. Long story short...I thought I would make you a few lists, 25 to be exact. They will be about a variety of things. Each list will contain 25 items. There will be no schedule for when these lists will appear, because let's face it...I can't commit to a schedule right now. But I thought that with all the craziness going on around here, maybe a little list making will bring me some peace. It's worth a try! So here we go, list #1...

My favorite craft supplies for kids:

1. washable markers - a BIG pack
2. stickers, LOTS and LOTS of stickers
3. Elmer's glue
4. play dough
5. brown paper bags (small and BIG)
6. washable paint
7. stencils (alphabets, trucks, animals, shapes, etc)
8. sponges (cut into shapes)
9. tissue paper
10. white paper plates
11. bubble wrap
12. stamps (animals, shapes, alphabets, trucks and cars) and inkpads
13. colored pencils
14. toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls
15. pipe cleaners
16. beads
17. craft foam
18. glitter
19. craft punches (that make shapes) and hole punch
20. google eyes
21. scissors
22. ribbon/yarn
23. cookie cutters (trace, stamp with paint, use with play dough)
24. felt
25. buttons

If you are missing any of these items, grab them and enjoy them! If you don't already have a craft supply kit, I suggest you get started! Get a plastic bin at Target and start filling it up. I am always on the hunt for anything I or my kids can create with. I started out with one bin years ago, and that has now grown into many, many bins. But I will say that it fills my heart and makes me so happy that Austin loves to create as much as I do. Children thrive on using their imaginations and being creative and it is our job to help them. He will sit with the stamp bin for 45 minutes and make "pictures for Grandma". Today he grabbed a huge box, got inside it, and turned it into a robot. He will line up stickers long enough for me to do two loads of laundry. And yesterday he squirted glitter glue onto Trader Joe's bags  while I packed 3 boxes. It makes me proud.

What will you create?

- Awbree

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