Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

A little late on the Bucket List for this summer, but we have already made a dent! Still a ton more I want to do. Where does summer go??? Here's what's on the agenda for this summer:

  1. visit the Providence Zoo (check!)
  2. go to a Red Sox game (check!)
  3. make ice cream
  4. visit a water park (check!)
  5. go on a scavenger hunt
  6. play "penguins on ice"
  7. make a new water table
  8. visit a local farm
  9. visit a local State Park
  10. make an alphabet shadow box
  11. make sidewalk paint
  12. pick blueberries and peaches
  13. try a new cookie recipe
  14. make bird feeders
  15. make a play house or tent
  16. lay under the stars
  17. tie dye shirts
  18. go bowling
  19. watch a parade (check!)
  20. go to a local farmers market

and a few things I am trying to do this summer:

  1. work out regularly
  2. read more, both for me and too the kids
  3. grill more/eat more local & heathy foods
  4. be nice
  5. take time to cuddle and tickle
What's on your list for this summer? I would love for you to share a few things you either do every year that your family enjoys, or some new things you hope to do this summer.

- Awbree

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