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Project Life WEEKS 12 - 23

I think my little Project Life album thought I forgot about it there for a bit. With the big move, staying with family and friends, and then multiple vacations, I got behind big time. 12 weeks behind to be exact. I am SO GLAD I set up my filing system before all the craziness began. I have a file folder for each week and they are all labeled ahead of time. I label them by week (1, 2, 3, etc.) and then the dates that are including. Just like they are labeled below. It helps me out tremendously because as I save memorabilia such as tickets, artwork, and all my little slips of paper of the funny things the kids say and do, I simply slip it into the weekly folder. I try to print my pictures pretty regularly so when I get them in the mail I can sort them by week too. This saved me a ton of time during the three months I was MIA with my PL. I am still playing catch up. At this very moment I am caught up with pictures I have printed. I now need to order all my photos from June 12 to the present. BUT I feel really awesome about the huge dent I made. I guess not having a friends at the moment is working to my advantage because I've been extremely productive. Look on the bright side, right? So here are my many weeks of Project Life.

WEEK 12 March 18-24

This week was filled with all the Easter festivities. I found these cute little "post it" arrow stickers at Target and snatched them right up. They came in a set of five colors for $2.99 I believe. Love them.

I finally tried my hand at misting. I kinda adore it. The teal is Heidi Swapp and the gold is Mr. Hueys from Studio Calico. I just held the paper over the kitchen sink and sprayed. I then unscrewed the cap and flung some ink to get the bigger spots. The glitter letters are Thickers. I use 5x7 index cards behind all the 4x4 instagram photos. I also use them behind two 3x4 prints if I am sliding them into a 4x6 opening. I got this tip from Marcy Penner and it has been awesome. I find myself grabbing the index cards constantly.

WEEK 13 March 25-31

We got a freak snow storm right before Easter. Then it oddly warmed up again. Didn't really feel "Eastery" this year being that it was in March.

You can see in the snow picture I used an index card to combine a 4x4 print with two small 2x2 instagram prints.

I used a 4x12 insert this week to include some extra pictures from Easter.

 Here is a glance at the other side of the insert.

I felt a little evil snapping a picture during church on Easter, but the stage was so breathtaking, I couldn't help it. I also really wanted to remember how I was feeling during that morning. It was the day we were to tell my family about the big move and standing in church singing about "saving my soul" I completely broke down. Looking back I am happy I captured that and was able to journal my thoughts. Bunny paper clip is from Studio Calico.

Week 14 April 1-7

This week was a bit funny. The hubs left work early on Monday to take a trip into the city only to get there and it rained us out. So we went back on Sunday. So I have DC pics from two different days.

I am really into tracing my small instagrams with my black pen. I pretty much always do it. I also have a tradition of collecting the National Park stamps when we travel. So I scooped one up during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I punch it with a circle punch.

WEEK 15 April 8-14

I only have one side of my week complete so far. Paige's birthday was this week and I have yet to receive the pictures from the party from the hubs so it's on hold. The stamps used on the self-made journalling cards are from Close to my Heart.

WEEK 16 April 15-21

This week Jay and I traveled to Massachusetts to find a rental house. The blur of paint is a potato printing of bumble bees Austin did at school.

 On the right I used a page protector that I got a long while back in a Becky Higgins Baby Album kit. Each square is 3x3, perfect for my mini 2x2 instagram prints. The protector actually had another column, but I only needed three for the week, so I cut the last one off. I cut 3x3 squares from white card stock, adhered my prints and then date stamped each one. I'm kind of in love with how this turned out. I am thinking this would be awesome for Day in the Life or 12 on 12. I know some project lifers use coin collector sleeves to achieve this same purpose so you can look into that if you are interested.

WEEK 17 April 22-28

So since this page protector was on the left when flipped to the next week, I had to reverse my normal set up. I repeated the same effect on the left for this week. Luckily it worked out perfect with my prints. I didn't plan this ahead. Score for me! Since on the last one I stamped a phrase on each square, this week I did a hashtag on each one. I thought I would attempt to be clever since they were instagrams.

So here is a look at the "opening page" on the right of the layout. The kids and I traveled to the shore to visit my mom. We hit up the fair and I was able to spend some quality time with my two oldest and longest friends. I warned them that I was going to cry and be depressing due to moving but instead we laughed and told stories from high school. Good times together. Austin got a big kid bike so that was exciting as well. I added a 5x7 insert for two photos that were vertical. 

Here is a look at the flip side of the insert.

And here is the page once the insert is flipped over to the other side. The patterned paper used is from a Dear Lizzy 6x6 paper pad.

WEEK 18 April 29-May 5

First week with Jay moved out. Just me and the kids now.

I journaled a bit about my feeling being a solo mom. Way harder than I thought it would be. I truly do not know how military moms do this all the time. My heart goes out to them. The giant three is actually from Home Depot, in the sign department. I bought some numbers for a project and never used them. Actually the number four is in the week above on the photo of Austin riding his bike.

I snapped this picture one day when I opened the cabinet as saw the entire shelf filled with Annie's mac and cheese. I couldn't resist. Grammy came for a visit this weekend so that brought some happiness and help for mom. SO needed.

Week 19 May 6-12

Jay retured for the weekend to spend Mother's Day with the kids and I.

We spent the day downtown with the best of friends. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Jay indulged me with Nutella crepes from Sophie's for breakfast, followed by Nutella ice cream for lunch from the Annapolis Ice Cream Company.

I added another insert this week. This one holds two vertical 4x6 photos, two horizontal 4x6 photos, and two 3x4 photos. I am so happy I asked Jay to snap a pic of Elle and I. We seem to take thousands of pictures of the kids but never any of us together. The one of Ash and Austin is my absolute favorite. Be still my heart.

Here's the other side of the insert. I used two tags for my small instagrams. I picked up a box of 100 at Staples for $6.99.

This week I also had a special night out with my best girl friends. I was a dork and wrote a little speech and said a little something to each friend. It was very emotional, I did the ugly cry, but it was needed. I am glad I did it. They can all hate me for making them cry. It was my party :) I intended to type up my cards, but for the sake of time I just slid them it. I had 3 index cards and they all fit fine. I snapped a pic of Jay walking away from us after I dropped him at the airport. Again, one of those moments I bless my iphone. Glad I captured that moment.

WEEK 20 May 13-19

Ocean City look out! Here we come!

Elle and I took the kids to OC for the weekend. We have been talking about doing this together for four years. So pathetic that it took me moving away to finally do it.

I added an insert again. This one is nine 4x4 squares, perfect for instagrams usually. However all my beach photos were from my DSLR so I cut them all down to squares. I decided to stick to red embellishments to achieve a cohesive look on the layout.

We took the kids mini golfing, to the Rehoboth boardwalk and Fun Land and to the car show. Busy weekend, but the kids had a blast. Elle and I were exhausted.

On the right side, I cut two 4x6 photos in half to fit them into the 3x4 inserts. We stopped by my moms on the way home and Paige decided to rock her movie star glasses while driving her hot rod.

WEEK 21 May 20-26

Last week in our house. Sad week.

I don't know why this one is so blurry...sorry! Strawberry picking and the empty nursery. This image made me sad that day. The reminder of what once was.

I took the kids to visit my Grandparents one last time before the move. We took a ride on the ferry and headed over to Oxford for the morning.

I used a tag to fit in some extra journaling. I slide it behind the picture in the 3x4 insert.

WEEK 22 May 27-June 2

I am not showing the full two page spread this week because of an insert that showed private information from Austin's school.

This was out last week in Annapolis. We were out of our house at this point and staying with our awesome friends. For the week card I used an index card, held the card board box top from a mini play dough sit on top, and sprayed it with ink. For the bus, I used a Melissa and Doug stamp and colored it in with colored pencils. The bottom shows Austin's last day of school.

I am hooked on my new Project Life pens. They are made by America Crafts, and can write directly on the photos. I have a .01 and a .05. The kids and I spent our last day in Annapolis at the beach with friends.

The week is a little weird because on Saturday we drove to North Caroline for vacation with Jay's side of the family. So the vacation week in split between two PL weeks. This spread is just Sunday since Saturday was spent in the car. I used two additional regular inserts in addition to the normal 2 page spread.

Family photo session. I made number shirts for the kids. Their ages were perfect for it: 1,2,3,4. Classic photo of Paige crying while we try to get a picture. I bribed them all with lollipops.

Jay was only able to say at the beach for a few days, so this was the only beach day we had as a whole family. So. Much. Fun. It was awesome to watch the big boys play together. Austin thought he was one too. Uncle Chad took him into the big waves and Austin was in heaven. Smiling and laughing. No fear at all.

Here I cut two 4x6 photos down to 3x4 and adhered them onto an index card. Then to "re-separate" them I drew a border around each one including some journaling.

WEEK 23 June 3-9

This week was all vacation. The kids and I stayed in NC at the beach the entire week and it was awesome. They had a blast. And Austin is now obsessed with the fact that he has a cousin. He keep telling everyone he has one and what her name it. It's hilarious.

This rainbow appeared on my drive back to the beach house after taking Jay to the airport. I was feeling grumpy about him leaving so early to head back to work. The rainbow was a sign to brighten up and see the beauty! Enjoy the time to relax and re-charge. And that we did.

I added another 4x4 square insert.

So another weird page. The bottom two photos are from our day in Annapolis upon returning from the beach before driving up north permanently. I didn't have room on the right side where I would have liked to put them since they were on Sunday, the end of the week. But they were instragrams and I had two empty squares on this side, so there they lay. It will bother me forever. But oh well. So on top are pics from the water park. Bottom two from our day spent downtown with friends. The pink tag is journaling about saying goodbye to my two besties. Hard day.

I adore this pic of Austin and Hannah. Totally sums them up. Austin has a glittery rainbow and Hannah has Batman. Dorks.

And finally, just to prove that I really do write stuff my kids say and do it is. I keep notebooks all over the house.

Thanks for looking. Sorry this was such a long one. Please ask away if you have any questions regarding supplies used. Again, I use the Studio Calico Project Life Kits which are now available for sale. There has been a waiting list all year and this is the first month that is available for sale. Check it out! I have loved it. It's like a little surprise party in my mailbox every month. Are you doing Project Life yet? Do you have questions? Do you want to try it but are sacred or think you don't know how? Ask me! I want to help! I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!!


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