Sunday, July 14, 2013

Things I dig at Target

I went to Target today. By myself. This is one of my favorite activities. It's right up here along side of getting a pedicure and taking a nap. What is it about walking around Target with out kids that makes me so happy? I scoped out some super cute new items. I thought I would share my favorites.

I love these neon storage ottomans. They had circular and also square.
For twenty bucks I'd take two! I didn't though since Jay and I have "an understanding" that I won't buy anything for the rental house. Sigh.

I also really like these huge baskets. The little chalkboard tags would be awesome to write "toys" or whatever. They would fill a ton while looking pretty spiffy in the living room. 

How amazing is this pillow? I don't know what it is about gold accents lately, but I'm all in. Nate Berkus is one smart cookie.

I thought these wire letters were really cute too. They would work well in the kitchen.

I've loved this mirror for a while now. I am determined to have it in my home one day. Sorry for the weird angle but you all did not want to see what I was looking like today. 

I was a bit surprised to see these puppies at Target. Who know they were so on the ball with modern bar stool options. I am totally in love with the yellow.

This bad boy was screaming "craft room!" The small cubbies would be perfect for storing fabrics, paints, ribbons and all kinds of fun things.

I'm impressed with the bath mat selection at Target. This baby is chunky and soft and gorgeous in person.

Big surprise I like this one huh? I am partial to all white in the bathroom. I like to bleach things. But this also came in aqua.

I adore this one for a girls bath. Such pretty colors!!

I actually have these soap pumps at every sink in my house. A definite favorite. I think they look glamorous. I need more glamour in my life.

That's it!!! I wish all these items ended up in my cart. But sadly, they did not. I walked out with the basics. Maybe you can score some of these beauties for your house!

- Awbree

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