Thursday, August 22, 2013

a girl, a dress, and a doll

Sometimes old is just better. Paige's favorite dress is the "polka dots" dress that she wants to wear on a daily basis. It was mine when I was around her age. I think it will fit her again next year which should please her. The doll she is holding we call Baby Emma. When I was a young girl, my great-greatmother Emma gave her to me. My mom thought that I already had too many dolls so she put her away for safe keeping. When Paige was born, my mom brought her this sweet doll. We call her Baby Emma after my great-grandmother. Paige loves her. I love these pictures because I think Baby Emma and Paige match, and look quite lovely together. Look at my little love. She is just the sweetest. I so adore having a girl. I really thought I was bound to end up a momma of all boys. But bless my heart, I am so overjoyed to have a daughter. She delights me. She cuddles, she sings, she loves pretty things. Her favorite clip is the turtle clip I made her, which she is also wearing here. We were meant to be.

I love you my sweet girl. Thank you for being all mine.


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