Friday, August 30, 2013

A thing for barns.

For some reason I have recently been drawn to barns. Don't get me wrong, I have always thought they were beautiful and they do make for a pretty awesome back drop for family photos. But lately, it's more. I find myself slowing down to look at them, take in their beauty and all their pealing paint and falling down glory. So it will came as no big shock when I tell you that I recently pulled over on the side of the highway to snap a few pics of this stunner:

BARN >>>

I admit, the barn is lacking a little character, but paired with the field of wild flowers, I was in heaven. I pulled the car over, hopped out, stood on the door frame and snapped away (yes I was lucky and had my DSLR with me). Then all of a sudden I hear from the back seat, "Mom! Take a picture of me and Paigey in front of all those beautiful flowers!" don't have to tell me twice! Out they came! I jumped over the ditch, carrying one child at a time. Jumped back over and back onto the door frame and I am SO GLAD I did. They may not be smiling together, or even looking at the camera, but I love it just the same.



The simple beauty of life. Of time. Of family. Of capturing the moment.

It makes all the crying, yelling, fighting, stress eating, and craziness worth it.

Well, maybe for a minute or two :)

- Awbree

NOTE: This barn is located on Davidsonville Rd, in Davidsonville, Maryland.

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