Monday, September 30, 2013

Our New Backyard


Exploring the Pasture.

We got this house because of the backyard. We are renting this year while we search for a house, and town, that we adore. The rental house isn't anything to write home about. But the backyard is pretty awesome. The previous owners had horses, so there is a barn with stables and a pasture out back. The stables are a bit scary...think over sized rats, bats, and a few wild cats too. I don't go in. But the pasture welcomes me. I don't know why it took us all summer to finally take a walk and explore what's back there, but a few weeks ago we finally did. The grass was freshly cut, the sun was shining, and I was feeling adventurous. We pulled on our boots and set out to see what we would find.


                                            "Shhh...the caterpillar is scared Mommy."    
We tried to wait for it to open, but no such luck. We were too loud. Go figure.


Then we found caterpillar cocoons. There were fuzzy which Austin thought was funny.

And tons of wild flowers. So pretty.

And what's a good romp around the farm without  finding some old stuff. 


I'm finding the best in my new surroundings and quite enjoying this little farm we are living on. This is the heart of farm land after all. When you pull into our town, the signs actually read, "A right to farm community". I like all the space. I'm excited for fall..bring on the colors!

- Awbree

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