Friday, September 20, 2013

Putting a bit of order in the home.


My kids are helpful. Sometimes. Well...let's be honest. Really only when I MAKE them be helpful. I decided I needed a change. They needed to help out more. I was sick and tired...and tired some more...of cleaning up. I mean, I know I am not only when I say that as moms, we often do just that all day - CLEAN. Cleaning dishes that are towering in the kitchen, cleaning laundry that is spilling down the basement stairs, cleaning floors that are caked with paint, syrup, and play dough, cleaning walls that have been peed on by little boys being naughty, cleaning noses that are snotty and gross...clean, clean, clean.'s the real kicker...I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO LIVES HERE!'re shocked? So was I. How come I am the only one who cleans up all of these millions of messes but am surely not the one who is making them? EXACTLY.

So, the chore chart. I recently saw one over at Under the Sycamore that I liked the look of and decided to play off that. Using ONLY what I already had in the house, one fine day at nap time, I made it happen.

chalkboard paint
paint brush
assorted paint colors
sharpie marker
alphabet stickers
one label sticker (optional)

  1. Sit down and make a list of what chores are needed around the house. I made three lists, one for my daughter who is 2, one for my son who is 4, and one of shared jobs. You can see my chore list below for ideas.
  2. Paint your clothes pins. I did pink for my daughter and blue for my son. I painted the tips of all the clips gold. I thought it was snazzy. I also painted a bunch of clips yellow that are used for the shared chores.
  3. Paint the clip board with the chalk board paint.
  4. Let all painted items dry. You could go clean something.
  5. Set it up. I used a little polka dot label I found at Michaels on clearance to hide the clip board manufacturer. I used small alphabet stickers to write "CHORES" on the label. I then used two square pieces of chipboard to hold a letter sticker for each child's name and slipped them under the clasp to make two columns. Lastly, I made two circles, 1 & 2, to show the steps of our chores. Super simple...1 means you start, and 2 means it's done. If you have older kids, you could write, TO DO & DONE, or something similar. This was the best option for a 2 and 4 year old.
  6. Write the chores onto the clothespin. NOTE: Be mindful of which way you will be pinning the clips onto the clipboard before you write the names of the jobs. I had to repaint my pink ones because the words were upside down when I clipped them on. I placed the yellow clips at the bottom, the shared chores. These can be moved up accordingly under the initial of who will do that job for the day/week.


wipe tables 
make bed
clean room
brush teeth

(I want to clarify that these will evolve as she gets older. Right now she sprays the tables and does wipe them, she puts her blankets and animals back into her crib/on her bed, she looks at books during reading time, and she picks up the toys in her room.)


set the table
wipe sink
make bed
clean room
brush teeth

(Austin sets the table before each meal, he also "reads" books at reading time, he sprays and wipes the bathroom sink and counter in the kids bathroom, cleans up his room, and makes his bed.)


feed pets
pick up toys
clean door handles
practice ABC's
clean windows
sweep porch

(As I stated above, these are a work in progress. They are all things the kids have done with my help and are capable of doing. We just need to work on making it part of our routine.)

Happy Helping!!!

- Awbree

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