Wednesday, October 16, 2013

12 on 12

Last Saturday I completed a little phone photography project called 12 on 12. I took 12 pictures in 12 hours (one for every hour) and posted them on Instagram. The last time I did this project was last December! Crazy how time flies. This project is time consuming. You have to be mindful of the time so you make sure to capture a moment within each hour of your 12 hours. But it is so worth it. I take A LOT of pictures with my phone. Normally on an everyday basis. But as moms, we tend to capture the "shareable" moments. The awesome craft project, the picture perfect smiles, the job well done, the proud moment. 

THIS PROJECT REMINDS US TO CAPTURE THE EVERYDAY MOMENTS. The meals we prepare, the stories we read, the blocks we build, the rooms we clean up. 

I am a documenter of the everyday and I encourage you to be too.

Here are my images from 12 on 12, October 2013.

6:30 >>> Starting the morning off with chamomile tea and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
7:35 >>> Princess blocks and Minnie Mouse.
8:45 >>> Off for a date with my little man.
9:45 >>> A new basketball.
10:15 >>> Snack time at Panera with my little love bug.
11:35 >>> Family cuddle.
12:07 >>> Getting my craft on: advent bags.
1:34 >>> They sleep.
2:15 >>> I've moved on to teething necklaces. 
3:45 >>> Kids first time bowling and they LOVED it.
4:45 >>> "I making a dinosaur Mommy."
5:40 >>> Black bean and red pepper quesadillas.
6:10 >>> Two mermaids.
7:27 >>> DONE.

So, If you bothered to count, you will notice I actually took 13 pictures. But since we start our day WAY TOO EARLY, I felt like I needed the last one for the seventh hour to really sum up the day. The kids were finally in bed, I took a deep breath, was completely exhausted, yet content.
I think it would be really awesome to do this project each month, on the 12th. Then at the end of the year put them all into an album together. Each month in a grid style. I might need to do this next year.

I will be doing this project again on DECEMBER 12th. PLEASE JOIN ME!

You can find me on Instagram here.

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