Wednesday, October 9, 2013

25 questions

As I was driving home yesterday from swimming lessons I couldn't stop my mind from wondering. I began to think of all of these unanswered questions that flow through me daily.

  1. Why is being a parent so hard? As long as I love them enough they'll turn out ok, right?
  2. How do I make him understand that I'm trying to teach him, not break him down?
  3. Why do I yell if it doesn't make anything better?
  4. Why am I always tired, even when I get 11 hours of sleep?
  5. How do I let them know they are the most important thing in my life?
  6. How do I lessen the gap that sometimes separates us as parents?
  7. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  8. Why is there so much sickness?
  9. I know I am profoundly grateful for all that we have, yet why do I still want more?
  10. I am such an outgoing person, so why do I feel so lonely in this new place called "home"?
  11. How do I begin telling the kids about both of the grandfathers they will never know?
  12. How do I teach my children to live gracefully?
  13. How do I teach them to be kind, to love one another, and love who they will become?
  14. How do I one day leave this job as full-time mommy and transition into a real-world job?
  15. How can I possibly gather all the knowledge my grandparents hold about life?
  16. What is wrong with some people?
  17. Why do I resist just BEING with them?
  18. Will they know I did the best I could?
  19. Does my husband know that I cherish him and thank him for all that he does?
  20. Will my children grow up knowing a kinder world?
  21. When my children have children, will they realize then all that I do, I do for them?
  22. How will they remember me?
  23. Why did my father have to die before seeing the woman that I have become?
  24. When will being a parent get easier?
  25. How do I show them I love them no matter what?

At least I remembered to stop and have fun.

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