Thursday, October 31, 2013

a Halloween house

Happy Halloween! I must say Halloween is my second favorite holiday. I love pumpkins, I love fall, I love dressing up in costumes. I adore the whole month of October really. I didn't go all out on the decor this year, simply because we are in a rental and I didn't feel like dragging it all out of storage, and we have limited space to decorate. But I must confess, I kind of love it. It's simple yet pretty. It was easy and fun. So, here is a look at some of the spaces in our home, along with some projects the kids have done in the past few weeks.

Please excuse the grainy pictures, this house is dark and dreary. Our piano we got for free from a MOPS friend, my scrapbooks, and a vintage chalkboard.

My mini albums, I bring out the Halloween ones only during October.

Our antique bench we bought for an anniversary a while back, a gathering of vintage frames, a glow in the dark banner, and some painted pumpkins.

A vintage crate holds fall themed books.

Above our family photos hangs a book page banner Austin and I made.

Old books, frames, and bitty pumpkins.

Another book page banner hangs on the staircase.

Austin's art desk (It was mine as a child) and our hodgepodge of Halloween crafts.

A tulle wreath I made last year hangs on the back of the basement door.

Our Halloween advent calendar, made by me, hangs in the kitchen along with some pumpkin crafts.

In the dining room hangs a hoop with some felt pumpkins that I cut from a shirt Austin outgrew.

A favorite wreath also hangs in the dining room.

On the front door hangs an owl trivet I picked up an an antique store for 25 cents and spray painted aqua.

A splattered pumpkin canvas.

Thumbprint spiders by Paige.

A hunted house by Austin.

I hope you enjoyed a speak peak into our home. Have a very happy Halloween!

- Awbree

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