Thursday, November 21, 2013

an "insta" frame

DIY >>> Instagram Frame

This project has been on my mental to-do list for over a year. I didn't have a frame on hand that was the right size so it got put on the back burner. Back in September while checking out at Hobby Lobby, my eyes swept across this random pile of damaged items that was marked 80% off. I saw this ugly, dark brown/redish frame with chips and marks all over it. And no baking, but I love backless frames anyway. I apologize that I didn't take a before shot but I often do project on a whim and then lately, while walking by it, think, "Oh...I should blog that." So, here we go.

To make this project, you will need:

spray paint
twine (I use basic brown twine from Home Depot)
hot glue gun/glue stick
mini clothes pins
Instagram pictures

  1. lay your frame on some cardboard, outside (not just on the driveway like I did so your husband can come home and ask why there is a blue rectangle on the pavement...opps)
  2. spray paint frame (I used Rustoleum 2X Aqua, from Home Depot), and I did two coats
  3. let the frame dry overnight
  4. using a fine sandpaper, sand edges and any groves (this is a personal preference)
  5. flip frame over and using a pencil, mark along both edges > the top line of twine will begin 1/2 inch from the opening at the top, then mark every 4 1/2 inches down both sides until you reach the bottom of your frame
  6. cut your twine the length needed to reach across your frame, repeat until you have enough pieces to fill your frame
  7. using hot glue, attach your twine to each mark you made, stretching the twine tight across the frame (you might want to do the left side, let dry, then do the right side so you can pull it tight without pulling it off the glue)
  8. now you can hang your frame and clip your Instagrams to the twine

* note > if you have an abundance of 4x6 pictures hanging around like I do, I actually mixed in a few of these and cut them down to 4x4 to look like Instagrams

* I order all of my Instagrams from Postal Pix, which is an app for iPhone. You can also use Origrami which is a bit pricier, but super high quality, or Mpix.

Happy crafting!


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