Saturday, February 22, 2014

A very happy love day.

I love Valentines Day. Why shouldn't I…red and pink and frilly prettiness everywhere, handcrafted Valentines, and an excuse to get a babysitter and pay too much for a meal out? Sign me up. 

A few last minute banners that went out just in time. The top one is felt and the bottom one is linen. They make me so happy! If my husband didn't protest, I would leave my heart banners up all year round. Each heart is hand cut and stitched in place.

In the morning we headed to a Valentines Party with my moms group. Of course I had to whip up some shirts. I have a hard time coming up with new designs for Austin. I could make girly shirts all day long. But then it hit me, arrow! And I adore how it turned out. This was the best I could get of the two of them. If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a few more, including closeups of the shirts.

Awww….a little Austin love goes a long way.

At the party, Austin got his craft on. He's drawing a robot on his heart…of course.

And Paige got her dance on. She was running in circles so fast, this was the only one that was a bit decent.

Some of the moms made some games. This one was really cute. They rolled the dice and then put that many hearts onto their big heart. Whoever filled up their heart first with the 20 small hearts, won.

That night Jay and I did get sitter. We were very lucky to have a wonderful babysitter recommended to us by our new neighbor. She's a bit shy but seems to handle the kids ok, so more power to her. She speaks fluent french which the kids think is super cool. I got some books out of the library in French and she reads to them. Austin LOVES her. I think he has a crush. We headed out to Wellesley and just randomly stopped into a restaurant that looked good. Turned out, it was AMAZING. Always feels good when you end up really enjoying the food and the atmosphere. Good night had by all.

I still have all my Valentines decorations up. I decided they can stay up until March.


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